Friday, April 26, 2013

Only Fussy Survived The Great Hone!

foxy, fuguesy, foo shi, fucksi, fussy, fusey

It seems that in Hellenistic society these forms of "charismatic" experience were supplemented and eventually ousted by other forms apt to raise reverential awe (sebas) and "enthusiasm." The experience of "epiphany" came to concentrate on the person in the laptop who had congeried the flavor, and the flavor savior, or flavior, Bocephalust, who inarrgurated an age of Ebliss and a boon dance which flowered amongst the barns and hillside siddies.
Pompe' was always radial.

1979: Cowen and Bard Ermentrout!

In Raptures it will writhe before you.
Sin, Suffering, Hope, and the Tao.

Doesn't it take imagination to hear something as a variation on a theme? And yet one is persieving something so golem-like in the viral nano-syringe, the rabbit, the two-shed, the shop-light
at the end of the sentence hanging from the hood, or tetherwise from witless guile.

On the face of it, paneling seems natural enough, especially in a business setting.

Molar Doll: There are plenty of reasons to bless the new architecture.
Imagine me as the "KEEP ON TRUCKIN" dude
but the back of my calf
is an eager porch for tv or sumthin.

Each and every word, and every letter too, is the moment when the witch and the cauldron
trade places, that great secret bridging culture and evolution.

Every answer I give you semes polarized?
I guess I can't help myself!

Original Sin is never having to say "you are sorry"
for interlocking into temporal space as a signifying object of many vectors and parameters
all exploding into outward bean.


The taotie of Zhou ding has a 
big head but no body. 
When it eats people, 
it does not swallow them, 
but mangles them.

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