Friday, April 5, 2013


Here is the home of the anti-banalities. The singularity whose head and heart are the workings of a distributed brain which ARCIMBOLDO-like is composed of all animals and things, perhaps, because. Well, because of Alchemy, stupidty, dream. Whatever could a single human brain imagine as the pin-prick of an infinite asymmetry? What weird trick of genius is it that we are alone in all the yammering stone, and our stammering of bone, like a stone, like a sun of yammering, and in alchemy, see this, that singularity is itself a blinding fire, subject we are a subject more mysterious than our own signification and by wits our own determination given their time they gave it scientists gave it and religion gave a long draught too there is a long count of workings in this well goo but in no way does any of it give the whole history of life in the universe nor does know for certain the history of our actual universe so then like mind which we cannot build as a mason builds a church piece by piece we are held in the lurch our singularity is complexity and as such runs counter even to the perceived laws of ordinarily understood thermodynamics thermodynamics is turned into an auto-translation an inverting hysteresis by means of pattern

 and so, by made alchemy, by idiocy if you so wish i will state it like the bubble states a fish all this bears bares baires some hysterical pattern a complex gradient-reducing system whose formal effects have been introduced into the search protocols for extraterrestrial life but wild are the gradients and weird are the possible forms wild and weird is an obviously land 50000 tiny strings attached to a single hand Have written with the juice of seaweed yet? Today I built an apartment building for my pages, all of glass, the letters, "sages". Each letter a sage-form si, imagine the photon also a sage form the electron it may take eons for the sages to speak for there are also meta-gradients or epi-gradients holarchy is our brand of browser. the old castle-tongue. purpose-seeming only reveals a gradient-reducing hence action at the most intimate no action at a distance only coherent access to an incline there is a concerted teleonomy which gives wise to weird wild ornament think engine shitting and eating its own golden gem-encrusted chain or delve close clue by discomfort whatever you do your self is a stumbling but performing an energy task The priest must separate the lineages of writ from rit the ageless monkeys would drown in a vomit too gorgeous the whole earth would be a criminal orgasm of delirious spewing organs weaving their spew into exploding int2 writhing ULLA for even dirt earth error is erision not merely, even merely, is merrily, and transcendently WEIRD. Rita the meter made.

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