Thursday, April 18, 2013

My Name is Francois Dallegret.

foreign blurs enter the cavern
be belief of high bee
o hathor
to me bo hee ha
me tanka high
a rock rolled from
the top of the pyramid
felling three palms
and fins sing
at another pyramid
then we put the pyramid
on a table
like a cake
and called it
in an octagon
of coriander

mad-lib being the secret seed of all culture
and matter for that matter

and fell back on my own rough rewards
and rustic entertainments

Cocaon Ape Oostle Dinx
Belgian UFO cam

Chairs make a perfect porcupine.

And forced the lead through winter, thus was the funnel
of our discontent, pick up any glossopteris, optic gloss,
time before line.

Jane, you ignorant slut.

The perfect pavilion: clamshells embedded in immaculate white concrete
as far as the eye can see.
Now primates need drill finger gowns for scrati-scratio with solvent goad.
In Anubis hollow jade snout a severed thumb
is redolent with camphor.
Mask of no mask.
Emperor of no imp.

He can open a jar.

We watched the fireworks from here.
Pineapple columns support
the palm leaf parthenon.
Rock Star = Palingenesis
Religion = Reading
Poetry = Torque
Blog = Weird Torker

"That's no hair soup."

In our universe, every star had just one earth like planet of varying development.
On our planet, Charles Bronson played the Pharaoh instead of Yule Brenner. 
and Tagalog is English.
Peope sa, "Udamantine Buglow."

Faire Mignon.

I prefer Francois Dallegret, but I can be bribed.
or burned in oil.
or beheaded.

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