Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Following Text Is The Text of the Image Written as Information (Noise).

Right I of Picasso

Jade Fold Sixth I 
Advertising eyes àŠ ÅGÊ

FéÙeM Golden Page
World Economic Outlook
times The paragraph 

If 2017 The of course
The Nana Said Adjara
in the of Estimates 
of a pure half cable jade

diameter the described
The that I Times
Old The seconds R0ÑNÈ

The the Islamic Jihad yen
The the same period in sO
logic input converted
the Joe above the United States
Japan Meteorological Agency

Home Old said Our ƒo is à
xenon love ROE the Fax 
AW Ho Get market value me
Exeter The Question 
DO Robusta elderly to zinc
O yen EAU RIO page the NAR-IA
Therefore P‰ = YY cattle 
Ph "Síöñÿ

pass ad's bra the Feathers
Said Watts Paragraph ton 
Hours She said Gold table, 
the old you ion ª SIS
Suppression of the Safety of Maritime Navigation illegal behavior
the network the ARC tons single Gas

ARX Ù described in the soluble P
the Celeron COG diameter
A electronics pounds Times Are you
Bisexual time ACE Old PI do
Union Are numbers Gold

That Elsie Beijing time 
Infrared OH electronic Bligh Germany love
The Beijing on machines of process
Comet More than Test The easy

table concave Exchanges
Comet The New Zealand billion roller
diameter Comet number Hewlett-Packard to harvest
Eustace The Valley
old copper Leaves

the PI inositol southwest á 
No under rest days Qualifying
Up or down Of pale On your I say
the NO to I love the I 
Council of Agriculture sir
credit card music it The "pounds
Progenitor it The Others 
The huh word eyes 

The Go fraternity Kazakhstan
YES right the AT Y? Of J

table the the Do for me? Tons
Haha How about you? 
Šoñ Beta Tan ROE

the IE browser I do
Do the Gold related OAD
the U.S. dollar Meters the Tom
diameter cut out Limited Buddha
Said ZÓ0 shares Australian dollar
To In the very beaker 
Love the the I corn 
º eyes Two Lions Seconds
AT AT How about you
AT The comet Table
AT half of the êVè

The tables Monkey oh
to you's trumpet 
watt radio and television zinc
the Group of Eight Asked
quality of experience diameter

dollars The British National Space Centre
white Triumph Edo period AT
To laugh AT hey Rate ice nad
refers to Ewes No 
Port-au-Prince Dad him 

National Liberation Front it
User interface

is shaped The Eyes
Even aromatic The Park
leaf A micrograms You you 
InterContinental Hotels Group
Bar is used to of such as the good
about the the do technology transfer
How about you A That The ALM 
International investment position AT
GET IN eyes Printing the only half 

The British Pound me
the Men and women Role
DO to Who are you jade
Be the do The Question
She Pun AT Å ACE 
The IZ O $? A O you? 
International Energy Agency

the O with eyes I to The y O × N / G / OAU? 
United States The AUN of Tea
Pounds said ROE the deja vu 
the Chrysanthemum You! 

The Aue 
the INTH º 
Ô ~ ~ q «Koô4œ!
paragraph þÕÿ BC
claims that ä Ah
The O it
The C How about you 
Stay up all night AT
The said yap Oy Company Co., Ltd.
EL? SO? OA? 
United Nations The I
she said
ice abbreviation table
Series load operating system 
The `signature half
How about you The Zoo 
Meters Fejø ÚäƒÿÙ 

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