Friday, April 5, 2013

Gave Out Finally, The Electric Sock Misused

linking energetic touchings
once fossane masks
escape from their
                        former associations with -(

banderole knitted to strength
and founding by means of a strong intermediary pouch


fosper to footspore) touch: "public heart" -(*

[tetch]: A fossage engraved upon the surface, recognized,
as in Benares, to be as apt as the physiology of an ordinary
person, or rather, an extraordinary person, of extraordinary design.

Fossion glossography uncountable, for if vowell templi ordis fossor former fossil-
TOUCH (etch)

linking* [carve out: now the fostal course begin, myth or rennyth, or wrenmyth,
and yes, it is but the merest fossulet, but run your hand over the groovy
informational mass (link*

touchling: informe, infoam, infamy}

linking energetic touchings (forzando)

crass, or crashing
now the plates invert

these hovering frilled basins have no basis nor bases
but hovering they bring an aqueous notion of time, space, and representamen combined
to a notional substance

volume to vir-loom
imagine then the hollow capsid as a grill room from lantern licks out
force being applied at its base no gravity, no remains, but trace its ascent
to rune, ruin, renew.

here, perhaps the strings are threaded through the grille window, but stilled.
now read the vertical strings made of fine, and finely interlinking things,
transparently and barely nominal hooking arcs, call them, glass sparks,
and say they are etched with an index of names, each of which could be framed,
or frames, there is a collective agglutinatory fossak.

No Cossack remains, but cause-sac
if ter lifter rem haim $seek
courteous, you've profaned the Fosse Way

the plates burst out through the fog
sprooling tendrils in their heats \ forestall

the ebony colored hare
who carries
the quill thing
fostrill'd by the etching's soon
and wretched forcing tress
its fostress' fortress come undone in a fotion
imagine the plates are singing under duress

how would fotmal fotion duress
as duration's est or best fouch?

leek fourcha
to the chest
and sense the break
its art can't take this scrotal brake
engulfed in flaming lotion
but the hind quarters of a deer
attached to an ear
would surplice a kernal

species commenced as a hailstoned chorus
linked by energetic touchings

plates to stack
in a column, golem
or pack

Beginning in a sudden and severe form
or formlessing form born
[tee hee, hee is rizen, hee ist reissen, and rizan, tee hee]

O fouette' toward
its spherical prism
which could only arc

the metathetic corruption's foryeme
or forgyman

seeping these plates will lodge
to its compressing head
believe instead
that its bird tattoo goddess
left a bodeword
in your lantern

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