Thursday, April 25, 2013

Text As State Bird.

bad as it walks it thinks to mimic
the mocking bird once heard
it was the state bird now forever
this sea like a mouth may not
replicate exactly that vestige
of a V which the beak of K
represents itself to bark out
from the tree of any line
as if a beak were sliding along
outside yourself within you
see the you you viewed
verily as it walks it mimics
the mocking bird dribbling
justice for the knick of time
tell told tell tail wag for wage
of if gew gaw know beak bee
bee beaks ebb the throne
where its social is ever only
another version of indumedia
that ruins it(s) cymic chyma
chimera the milk-white bread
is bark for the tree of beaks
para spare a row what luminous
argument will define U
beak-yoked as you are
by the constant pressure of its
spherical ear its fierce feathers
omen no name

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