Tuesday, April 9, 2013

My Name is Oriana Fallaci.


A flute flailing above
the canal airfoil
while the rainfall bleats

Her face pulling iron
is beginning to ail,
facial Ali the Roan,
of facial air-loans,
transcranial oafs ail.

What ethnicity Lanai?
What race bread Arnie?
Skull bread ails.

Her face is lying on a paddle,
and races oaf nails
to the ocarina failure
in LA, flesh moron Ilya.

The Aria falcon ails.
The Aria's focal length nails
are lain in the local Finn
by the Aria local Naif
in the Coca-Cola finals.

In the Anal cilia forum,
Anal Cilia Faro demonstrates
frail elderly Anal Overseas Chinese style
To identify the authenticity
of the human face, or
their face nails.

The face lying to hide
the face lair is a face lair,
a human face on the railway
facing the railway without
the face made of lira.

The ethnicity of Foal Eagle Arnie
is written on oaf nails, where its
"Race Oaf" is LAIN (as a loaf).

The ocarina failure in LA
becomes the California paddle.
The Lanai focus air, use air
to focus laser.
At the Lanai island Coca-Cola Expo
and the Lanai Coal Expo
Lanai orcas failed their
Aria California loans.

People who face the lira know
Oriana Fallaci's face pulls iron.
Her "Face in the mouth" is a
"Face natural oil" with a
Paddle face on it. No
Cranial hair oil may repair
the air or aria of a Cranial bread we
Cranial Eagles loined
in the garden of a race.

A racial hair lion fails
A race called "Fei Enluo",
A race called "Neuilly frovatriptan".

A race bread is a
race that fluttereth.

Ethnicity elicits a range of oil
to the Moron without a race.

A race nails the effect of
A race lying about racial information.

If a race loans a race aluminum foil
A flute occurred like the disease
of flute falling failure.

I am an ocarina if
a skull fault patiently skulls
a calla lily fair ion
in fair oils.

I am a Canola genius,
an anal liar stove
flailing into constitution
falling into icon
filling up coins
w/ Canola lira.

An aria billet coil,
I am an anal cilia
an anal iron headscarf
a finicky California nail paddle
An aria of falling coins.

I am the one aria maverick loin,
a fiber blank paddle in a ciliated bread contingent's
ciliated Eagles' contingent, whose ciliated Huadu
is a ciliated oral fan, a ciliated loan, ironically,
Fa la, or Lilac Finn paddle's Lilac Naif paddle's
Lilac Oaf rain of Lilac Oaf Iran.

An anal lyre stove
is lilac falcon Ali's


The ethnic hair loans
Ethnic hair oil
Race bread

Ethnicity Foal Eagle I
In La racing Oaf
Ethnicity AILS

The Ocarina sent me
The skull hair Ails the old
The skull hair pulls oil

Skull bread pull me
Skull pony pull me
Skull Oaf I

Skull Ail Shangri-La
If aria in calla
If there is no Calla aria

Calla's aria in
Calla lily flower air ion
Calla Finn paddle I

Paddle's Fallacy:

 killer whales fail Ilya paddle Mavericks Ail bread iron A bread lira I A local fans, I Aria one calf Ani face pull I do foil An acorn failed to pull shittim I A Coca-Cola Ail lair A Coke Rail A Coca-Cola lira A bread Ilya Automotive bread AIL Arnie Car family fluttereth I : Arias Far East LAC Far East Arnie me An anal car, if the Eastern Shangri-La A ciliated far not a California AnRen oral A California lira La The Ciao focus fingernails air A I The Ail air of a hair Finn paddle I appeal Paddle I Rani I : Calla Ani oral I The a calf I LAC failure paddle And Neuilly Fraser ode Ail ode Ilya contingent The Ail of LAC bread in on AIR LAC a in Afar Afar Lac a canal, railway A a liar, I A foil ARIA call hair coil Anal Air France sites The anal if Luo An aria Mavericks aviation LA foci The anus focus Rain Yi Langla a focus A LA CON The Afar Ail Luo A California La Roan of LA If you do not Afar cloves Afar shellac California Air California Air Lo Wu racial hair A race arc AIL Lanai car hair oil Lanai Ail Arnie Coal hair Ilya contingent Coal lily flower A calla focus AIL rain Iran a focus lira A coal fan Rial The a an aria call Calling in an coal pull wings Aria gene A Afar lying coil A Far loci An aria Mavericks lion An Eagle in the Forum Ilya Latin American and Ciao all of FIR A me La in a coal a Lanai coral Carol If a AIL A coal Far coal A coal infirm A coal genius A I fault the one or The a calf I Ail the old one in Of a LAC Oaf lira LAC coil The Afar Ail sites 阿法尔安仁拉 car hair Ilya loans Automotive Naif lira A coal LA coins Afar Ail the coil The Afar Ani nail air Lac Oaf I A California La paddle A LA contingent Ciao frail elderly Expo I The anus oil Canal failure paddle, I Canal bread oil A cake lair I A family bread I The Aria Mavericks Ail ARIA calf An a focus AIL A coal aviation no Of course Ciao run if LAC hair aviation LA Coca-Cola fair Ail Los Angeles, of moron Rial me A family lira Arnie Coca-Cola issued Rial Lac Finn Ail the paddle Lac Lanai coal fir If focus liar Arnie Lilac Oaf Rani Lavender I A coal fan killer whales fail La or La on a can be fair A fair pull Ail rain LAC Ail Iran LAC Ail Ran Lilac ANI or Lilac hair Ail nails Ail pull oil A mountain bread Coca-Cola genius I A local air Collar hair Ani I A coal Rial in The liar coal A bread Rial A cake liar I A issued lira Hair Rial in a Rani I If one Calla failure of the Ilya Coca-Cola Far East Fan Ail an IF carols CAROL I Lanai arc Eagles Lanai Island failure Arnie Ail Finn's if Lanai Coca-Cola so far, I Lanai hair Ail rain Coal Oaf Ail of the hair Ani Roil A the coal So Afar called I-ion I'm a Afar pull me The Farina I A mountain Ail of me An Acorn Ail the LA A An Ren A LAC Rial Ail air The focal length Ani killer whale failure Anren Far East Ilya Coal Far I Iran I appeal Oaf Rani, calf Ail air. The aviation LA headscarf California Ail air if The anus coal butter The ARIA Falcons pull me Aria AIL Because I a canal, AIL A Coca-Cola fan liar, I Cola Far Luan Ren I , Calla lair A coal iron A coal fan nest A troubled track A distressed lira A blank liar A LAC top La A coal Rani LA Are a air Luo May cause failure Arnie The coal-fat Railway Anren Coal paddle I Lanai Lac Forum Lanai Lac aviation La on Facial aviation have a race of cranial hair I transcranial LA In air If the air does clan bread air A family me A can of Foal Eagle air A LAC nails paddle A sail paddle I Lavender moron Angeles Overseas Investments lying Ani All winged Luo An aria shellac no If AIL That a narc La information Aria lac loan Aria shellac bread AIL The A Mountain issued lair Arnie Coca-Cola anal liar stove An anal no A Ciao date, all A a Coca-Cola issued Contingent my distressed Rial A distressed Ren I A call ANI air If focus lying on air A oil A anal arcs foil an aria of coal Feienlila A coal 费恩里亚尔 A coal appeal Naif Appeal the Oaf there the cola fruit pies Rani LAC Ail Roan if Ail paddle LAC hair Rani Naif Rial The a coal Naif anal cilia An anal fir A Coca-Cola Ail Ran A Coca-Cola Ail paddle A Coca-Cola hair calla Far East I ion A me Lanai car AIL's , Aria, California elderly Arnie A coal genius coral flowers lay or Coca-Cola fir Lanai A focus Railway Ani A focus lira forth I Lair of a canal I oil An anal car film The anus Ani for The LAC I or Facial Ail one France A place made rain, I Iran, Coca-Cola Finn lair A hair A local hair in the California oral I A calf Ilya Ail A focus Ail Rani A LAC hair The LAC Garden LA Face air Luo Roan face down Face coal Air Anal orcas failed I Anal air A local exposition I A local in the air I I Roil a canal focus lair Arnie A Lanai Lanai arc foil A Lanai FIR AIL course if a coal A air Coca-Cola Far East forum Lying on my LAC Forum AIL iron A Ciao billet lira Of paddle my fault The a NARC Oaf Ilya To orcas liar oil May lead hair lira Arnie The coal sent I Canal Forum Ail Canal East fingernails I A coal I appeal Oaf Calls upon Oaf if I An anal arc if Overseas Chinese fir Anal Coca-Cola Show LA The orcas Naif Ail Aviation LA Cilia flowers La hair Ilya contingent Coca-Cola issued Ail LAC A LAC Far East flail Arnie Final Ail orcas A Rain LA Coal Iran Oaf air in Calla if Luo An aria can Renluo The ARIA calves La coins I A Lanai Mavericks A far, I Lanai coral I The LAC fluttereth air And Huadu pull my horn A cilia pull for A from home cloves A LAIN A coal failure rain A coal hair Ail the Rani Coal hair pull Afar cilia Luo Afar Kiu None Ciao La Aria Los Angeles, hair Ail The Ah Shan failure orcas shittim A killer whale hair A Ciao hair natural disease A Foal Eagle air A family moron not aria Lac ARIA Lanai arc Luo Lanai car fan air, I A hair iron Canola hair hair AIL A coral flower nails A a nail air Coca-Cola hair lying Ciao fall rain A Ciao coins aria hair Aria bread I The bread Iran's gardens loin The ARIA LA Coca-Cola the Naif canal, air, Luo A coal Expo shittim A coral failure gardens Lanai Carol sent me Lanai Ail no LAC fair An final paddle my I The ARIA Coca-Cola pull wings The call information A clone in Romania And an aria LAC oil Air France waist LAC Air France Ciao Far East sick To a lion LAC To a LAC failure coral, if I An anal Carroll, AIL in Afar coal me The rapeseed Garden liar Afar the Coca Cola me Afar coal A one Efaerla coils LA Naif lair A Coca-Cola Naif Coca-Cola Iran LA A East Ilya The Ail Foal Eagle Ilya Car fluttereth AIL iron Oaf AIL lira Oaf AIL La The orcas Finn Ail of sick Aria pull foil Aria hair icon All air I Canal Eagles did not a calla Afar nail coil A Afar nails LAC Ani oil Afar local LA sites Lanai Mavericks garden A canal failed aviation LA Flesh moron Ail Farina Coca-Cola air LAC failed Roan LA Los Angeles the paddle Canal Afar I oil If family If a family pulled me A killer whale Rial Oaf AIL liar Forum pull me The A Mountain oil and gas A clan LAC A the LAC Finn Ai1 air Lac Fanyiliya paddle Lac Oaf cilia pull reciprocating A ciliated LA Ani I , Afar Coca-Cola Ail Afar hair lair oil A fat rail narc hair Ail Oaf in Aria phone AnRen, Aria clone do not have Canola Ail fir Canola of moron liar I A a physical oil My flesh AIL Afalina Forum La Cilia Faro LA The foil An aria flail constitution An aria Ilya Roan Lac failed Ani paddle The Caribbean Forum Ail Arnie Lac 法鲁伊利亚 Lac all connections An anal California i I Canal Oaf liar focus of La , a calf aviation oil The Falcon or The Fehn air Luo's LAC Fehn liar A LAC Oaf oil Lanai arc bread Oaf Rial in A LAC Oaf lair A Coca-Cola hair iron A Coca-Cola you call in La , In a race of Far East site A California Ail rain Coca-Cola issued Ail Iran Coca-Cola lira A Coca-Cola Naif Rial A Coca-Cola aviation La ions A Roan me Lilac paddle Lavender Hill Garden Ail narc Rover Ilya Are a rain Kiu Fat Iran Kiu AIL A coral Ani LA CAROL hair ANI or LAC a failure a Ciao Far Eastern Shangri-La Naif Ail paddle The my waist Afar LAC lion Lac oil LAC ANI oral A LAC aviation skull I iron a calla Finn Air The Naif lair ion The iron ions If a aria An aria local Ani Carol sent Ilya Carol issued Ail Rani Coca-Cola issued a Ciao billet Rial Ciao a coal Rial A coal liar LA Forum AnRen me Calla law iron Ani A LAC Lila air Coca-Cola Finn Air Renluo The La ions LAC exhibition A California Air LA without a Arnie Car Oaf Ail nails Car Ilya A LAC Ilya LAC Development Loan LAC fair oil LAC RIAL I And an Eagles fat Orcas hair Ani discomfort An inverse Fehn Orcas Naif I Orcas forum Ilya A family 法鲁伊利亚 A Coca-Cola canal lira A canal Rial A canal, Coca-Cola nail I Afar lair I A family Anren I LAC Of a coal Fan liar I The calla me in Faro A cilia reciprocating The anus fair Lac hair lion Aria LAC oil The Afalina a calf Ail air A calf coil The Afalina the La sites A orcas fans Ilya Arc Fayiliya liar I And a Flora AIL rain A calla Iran I A calla a local hair Rani a local I Afar anal sites Afar cilia Faro Ail Air canal Ail Canal Ail Coca-Cola A Coca-Cola fat liar Aviation without Oaf rail I Canal Oaf liar Arnie The coal air air Luo A calf And an aria billet sites An Fat Rani Ciao fault fan liar pull Ciao fan fan Calabria Rama Ciao paddle The Ail air of bread Foal not a calla lily A calla LA Info LAC air Coke A Coca-Cola Far East Eagle Ilya The arc fluttereth Arnie The failure of the Coca-Cola Lair Finn iron coal A coal Naif air failed Iran A coal failed Rani The ARIA coal no legal ARIA briquettes ARIA AIL Arnie Ail nails Coca-Cola Feienlila A Coca-Cola 费恩里亚尔 A pull wings A coal lair Railway Coca-Cola Finn iron A in a coal hair A ANI And a calla Ani back orcas Ail Anal arc Ilya Anal Naif liar A Coca-Cola infrared AIL A orcas La Lanai arc flower to failure Ai1 or May Coca-Cola Rial A Coca-Cola liar if The Anren La fir a Calla paddle Calla paddle fins can of filial piety paddle An carol Naif Ail of carols Fanyiliya carol A Fan! A ciliated Far coal infrared pull contingent The lilac Forum I Lilac I Fangyuan An Ren I A Roan Falcon Ail the air Are a Roan Cilia on Oral Cilia Fanla paddle The focus Ilya contingent A not apply An aria fat physique hair oil The Aria LA Mountain Oaf Kiu Foal Eagle nests top hotel A failure orcas nail A Ilya LA's Ail without an orca coal Expo nail A iron I Coca-Cola Fan Lila, I The loans LAC's foil The air ion appealed nails Spent lying on my Arnie Lac Oaf Railway Ani Lac reciprocating A LAC Yiliyaran- LAC Ail fat Iran oil A flan A Coca-Cola Fan lair I A coal AIL AIL in Ethnic hair Ail Race Ai1 or A LAC Naif air on the air Coca-Cola En air LA A airfoil pull A Flora Ilya An acorn I A Coca-Cola Fan far coil I An anal the orcas hair rail I A Eagles lira Iran A Coca-Cola failure Rani A Coca-Cola Oaf Ani air The lily in the Ail ion The Afar coal is far LAC labor One far failure Luo The aria can OAF Faro Ail Arnie Call me A Coca-Cola developing La Air cola Rial Arnie Shellac moron liar Arnie Lac air without A LAC Forum clan hair Ilya fluttereth AIL A Ciao flail contingent A Coca-Cola is fair air A calla Roan If I If Angeles Kiu billet air Ciao fan ion , Aria call lilac flowers Ani paddle Cloves of ions in a LAC cilia Oaf LA contingent Cilia I A focus lira I A focus I Fair pull my canola Rapeseed wings An aria family coral gardens Ail California Aria California Luo Aria Mavericks Ail Aria Oaf Ail LAIN The paddle if LAC's lair Ani The LAC liar A distress oral An aerial pull LAC bread AnRen cola failure to A Coca-Cola infirm A I Lanai car fluttereth FORA me in A coal Airlines pull wings A coral fir coal Ani A coal range of oil ARIA can Elia Los Angeles Erie Yarra Ciao infrared all A La If one race Luo A skull headscarf An anus iron stove An fair Arnie A clan a coal Expo Los Angeles coal Ilya in The LAC Far Ilya also And a LAC hair Faro A clove air Lilac paddle if Hair failed A coral Finn A LAC fat liar oil One for a LAC on my A coral ion Calla Naif paddle I Calla's calla Ani For me a calla air Lilac air without Lavender hair LAC Fanyiliya or A LAC fan Coca-Cola Rani LA A Coca-Cola aviation to Naif me or A calla La The Kiu fan oil A hair lira oil A Ani Hair Ilya oral May fail Ail Afar lying sites A Luo A mountain hair calf air Loan I The lira I Canal Oaf Rial Luofa An Ren Ethnic hair La carol CAROL failed Carol Feien La I To Local I The Afalina the La Lac failed Failure is Garden Ilya or Canal fat gas sites in an Afar A Afar lair Canola iron if Canola Rial Canola is labor I labor failure AIL An anti-narcotics canal, mouth, if I Canola Lanai Lanai Lac reciprocating If a lilac Aria cloves Aria Lac rain Lac Oaf Lac failure rain A Coca-Cola fault Rani Ciao a blank Fair A coal billet air coal lira The a me I labor a canal Expo A Neuilly frovatriptan Aria Lac bread Foal billet Ail fall Ani I Orcas an aria If you AIL in A of LAC fair air, Anal cilia hair Anal in a LAC Ail Ani reciprocating LAC lair LAC is the Oaf iron Lac Oaf no Aria Lac air of a place A local me : Anal Coca Cola issued railway Ani Coca-Cola issued or A California Ani ciliated hair Ran slightly A ciliated Coca-Cola fair nail A Coca-Cola fair family Ail. ARIA Coca-Cola issued no ARIA Arnie Finn Ail a coral Naif Ail air Canal Oaf lair I Canal the hair I Aria local hair in Aria liar A flesh Ilya Afalina hair Rial oil A fat no I without a Expo Ani Coal Fan Ail air Coal killer whale billet Ilya Facial anal focus lair I A focus Railway Rial Arnie Coal fat filial piety And orcas or Coca-Cola fir an anal An anal me The appeal to law Luan result in failure of the fan AIL A coral Shangri-La Rill a Ciao autumn Iran A Ciao fall hotel in Afar cilia Rial A focus liar I Pull a Lac Fei Enluo ARIA Lac down paddle Facial oral me Cranial Wa pull A cilia far Anluo A car film Lanai Far East coil Lanai local if The Aria family detective bread Ilya A narc Foal loans Arc bread Ilya Arc anal lair Foci An anal lair fan, I labor If a race aria A aria clan, ultimate air in a Coca-Cola genius Ani A Acorn hair Ilya Los Angeles Erie Yarra 法鲁伊利亚 LA Los Angeles Ilya paddle Ail family Oaf air Coca-Cola air A LAC lying air The clans hair oil AIL me a narc bread A Overseas Investments The Lac hair Fair Ciao's fall air Los iron A Coca-Cola Naif lying air The Lac's moron lair liar headscarf A California lying paddle The Lanai Lac ECLAC me a reciprocating a A distressed car Ilya's The anus Law hollow frail elderly Arnie A Ani Coca-Cola Fan Ail Fehn liar A coal Naif lair A coil And an anus fair sites An of La A ciliated Fa la A Arnie Coca-Cola issued a liar Far East shittim of failed The coal fee the canal aria Luo The Canal Aria lilac garden in Aria East Ail Arnie Coral hair Ilya The I Anus Focal length of the coal lire if A oral my LAC LAC Naif Eagle Ilya A killer whale Lo Naif oral my LAC LAC fair Fanla coil Xiaoyue Fan drop sites Aria Ciao interlibrary loan Ilya Lac coal lair A coal rail A nail paddle I A Ail in CAROL hair LA Luo All I a Coca-Cola infrared pull moron lira I A family coal Naif iron A coal nails air Coal hair a coral A coral Fanyiliya CAROL Ail ANI or A last air A Coca-Cola Arnie The a coal Finn lily exhibition A calla lily's the Oaf air The Ail of lair A Ciao billet in Los Angeles. Ail of clan forum Ail lira ion And a LAC canal, so far hair Ail of Iran I The calla Oaf Ail paddle A calf Oaf Ail the Rani Lac Oaf paddle LAC airfoil A native the paddle California Anren La paddle Calf fins LAC LAC nail lying air Coal hair lair Aviation pull I However Ail iron And a LAC hair bread AIL Arnie Arc Foal Eagle I Fluttereth Iran the LAC The Ani air in : Calla Ani the air LAC Foal in a Afar A not Human face LA Face contingent East AIL Far to nail my Rial stove An anal Rial headscarf An Ani LA A hair AIL Roil A aria Lac Aria the LAC Ani LAC liar Ani A coal mine A coal frail in La Orcas flail A fluttereth pull me Mountain Oaf air Appeal forum AnRen of oral A flail paddle LA Ciao's genius pull Overseas Chinese I oil A canal, nails Aria Lac lying ARIA Lac in from afar The afar I OAF air ill A ion ARIA Mavericks loans I Aria small LAC fluttereth of Rani Coca-Cola Finn liar A Coca-Cola Local An Afar I oil A aria focus no An aria Ani paddle The focal length patients An aria Fall CON If Ail Roan A calf Arnie A focus Rial Arnie A local hair Ani coal pull me Afar anus coil LAIN The orcas distressed failure The Faro Lanai Lac air Lanai Lac paddle Ciao contingent I Fall Of stove An anal lira headscarf An anal lying on my or Facial Ani La or The facial coral Neuilly Fraser A coral failed LA physique The Aria flow oil A LAC Oaf hair Ail Iran Coal killer whale finally moron I The calla Oaf Ilya The Afar Lac canal, AIL back and Afar cloves ion A flow Los Angeles Overseas Investments nail Los Fula me Ethnicity anal me Ethnic hair hair Rial ion And a anal iron headscarf An anal lira moron rail I A family Lair La Ciao fan Railway lying I 阿法尔伊利亚 Luo Afar distressed oil 阿法尔伊利亚 far AIL me Canola oil LAC lying in the air Loan Are a calf Ilya Oaf Ail of Iran Lac lira I Canola fat Rial coal fir An anal air LAC Eagles Ani Fehn I A calla nails I Afar coal La fir I Send me lily exhibition I I ion In a LAC Eagle AIL air Oaf AIL lair The narc Foal Eagle LAC hair oil And a LAC Ani paddle appeal Clones of Air the paddle Canola hair lair I Canola or A family law of all Foci Aria headscarf Anal California paddle Car Rental bread LAC Rani LAC bread Of the Erie Yarrow Far AIL oil And a arc Oaf Ail lying arc Oaf The me And an Eagles Faro, A LAC Faro nails I FARO moron Lila An Ren Lac Oaf Forum Arnie Lilac Faluani Horn I A family Faro AIL Ail in Nail me the LAC liar A coal infrared AIL A and forth I A calla lily focus Ranelagh I A focus Coca-Cola lying I The Afar coal LA icon The Afar Ail calf lying paddle I The Rial My Coke fan A Afar ion Lanai California icon A Afar all the Coke A Coca-Cola rain hotel A

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