Monday, April 1, 2013

Piers Sellers' Ecosystem Temperatures Dream

rune castor itch
Rn/K* today
you pulled off the road
to our village
chad amphuk laha ho

through the dark tunnel and wood
to meet with the village guardian
and his poor degraded son
who tends the pickled
cartoon legs
turning them over and over
in their tub
their skin so tawny and wrinkled
like aubergines bleached out by the sun

now take the escalator down to the village
with three-color-haired professor
and his wife
they wear the veiny mango chicken nimbus
of our people
sow wrek sogstam
make hot astroknot dolls
leave the confines
of our cool leaf village

feed the mouth
leaves come up to cover our feelings
my cool water roll, joey flute flowing
erect green violins surround the round
banana hobbit tongues

tiny monkeys may burrow into your chicken nimbus
watch the village guardian's son tumble
the cartoon pickle legs
when you enter or leave our village

1 comment:

  1. Nifty rooftop garden. I can almost see a shaggy Mr. Moorcock peering forth.


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