Sunday, April 21, 2013

Grammar Boss Club (The Egotistical Sublime as Differentiated Collectivity)

Shape. Burden. Hon-ore.
What I am trying to crack down is, heroism~
the only answer of man to the rash of multiples
which that wish to disperse causeth

to break out (faceted (replace
the swarming snake-choices it breeds
as multiple as hairs:
Ego PROOF Ahab end.

Machiavelli to come before
Frederick Bruce Thomas
in the Grove Atlantic Catalogue
Jean Riboud, Cy Twombly

Mencius menses lenses.
What noise can one add to that noise,
what candor? Will Self Umbrella brother?
Sumer genius sand mandala mastao-dawn?

Complexity came here by an intolerable way.
Its pages of fat are within its Melmoth.
Of spirit in the old sense, oiled sense.

Wayward, or tenemental.
Glory in an old hotel, but nothing gone.
All line, light, color, perspective, as well
as their absence, the only answer of man

to the rash trying to crack down, to disperse
multiples, the swarming snake-choices
it sustains, fang, taotien as taotie.
The way itself is as a gluttonous monster,
heroic, wayward, an Ego of no self, no burden,
a thing of coral choices in Proprioology.

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