Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Printsessa Nagoroshine

following a truck along an old road

I happened to glance a paper shrine held up by needles as tall as a waist.

And there I expressed my blank consurgency to an empty "meta-room"..

Is there any reason to anything?

Perhaps we should connect the dots to the frame?

-for shame, my deep imperosnal khumera, locket of see snimpt in a hijazz of volmm..

Looking past the fact that its whole costume is a game board, for if spherical magnetic chess were aboard, the ship would role much flatus. Dogs are dirges in Tibet.

It was many months before the PCP ring was caught.

There is an ode in a haunted salad.

A bright circle laid on the hill.

There is a sequence, and consequence, to all this dumb romance.

"the sun is just an orange balloon"

"and the earth a scarred old head" 

 'Lien Chi Altangi, visiting the man in black, who is under the influence of the Spleen', a man in oriental dress playing flute at a table at left, looking towards a man standing at right with grave expression, his hand resting on the back of his chair; in circular frame with architectural border, surrounded by garlands and with instruments and books below; after Richard Corbould, illustration to 'Citizen of the World', from 'Cooke's Pocket Edition of Select Novels'. 1799 Etching and engraving

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