Monday, April 15, 2013

Mandarin Hotel

in the gap state moving
later hegel and launch but
water pressure
callow and earnest
thriving winter before
then clothing all around
sintering the pledge
by tiny figures
and inlaid
now with gas-like airy spheres
the community collapses down
before itself
the gap
is autocracy
still blue
the councillor fallen?
to judge
near a demon
the habitual
"We believe at this point
it [the fire] was limited
to the hotel portion of the
building," she said.
"It did not impact
the condo area."
George stayed retarded,
and was awarded.
The yellow claw
struggled to grip
but the throat
its crocodile pearl
was a cacophonous
cascade of thin
elevator like strings
spinning placards
war wind windows
and wires thronging
beneath all varieties
of skin, dissonance
and electricity, one flash,
a hard oaken clock
its deep sap
the concrete mind
a slurry
of heavy immovable rods
luminous grey
and calving
the shining

cloud tells pit oak eye
the fence limb unit
and candles
carried by the forechain

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