Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Montaigne's effective artistic genuine antibourgeois style.

bro kin dample
florid ux cess
less pan
more lex
icon duress
shading twy temple

Oni in dappled marble shoe
sings duress
Oni in dimpled maribou
signals caress

an Oni is wearing its organs
on the outside of its skin
its organs are furniture
to begin with
then sea monsters
of puzzle piece perfume engines

when Arcimboldo and Rosenkavalier
king its flower armor checkered
imagine every square
raised to a different level
by means of Zeno

Is your mouse pad
the image of a nameless mansion?

My mousepad is the Windsor House, no
it's the Winchester Mystery House
which I visited in my FORD LINCOLN NURSERY RHYME
FOR ASH BERRY babbluino elegy

gone fite wurt Ovid's Metamorphoses is another
fine Gulliver
tied down by lilting wilting
wily lily pollution.

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