Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Clean Bespoke Tool (After Clark Coolidge's Space)

The eye.

It fed drapes into the image furnace under brine, the machinations of purpose a calcite articulation under a nerve treatment like an echo of mildew, but that like as an echo would be just a tab, a soda gong, a gondwana of hovering to Swift in paean, milk on the lob, or noise on the gob, moieties returning, retuning to amorphous noumen clatter. Instead, the hot dark miles as immobile drops (drapes) returned (retuned) a crisp loss (soul), a dripstone assembly. Now that we know the calcite articulation may be a Bontecou chandelier, the so, or sewing, of this particular Gobi, means that the individual human fish contains an object, say a subject, or a rhombus of rumpus, which connects the eye to the thalamus, and that rhombus might be Scophthalmus rhombus, a common species of light whose rill wills to become ever more common and rare within the circle of devils, the cycling of duals, the circuitry of rights which leaven softly upon something the size of red, but leaving only a rattle bar, a trace, or tab of the echo's space. Milk is the medium for a dark fish, that stretcher of the eight rains upon whom is brought out the fashion berry or bee elk whose smoke is a styrophone calypso (so) whose margin bunks a choked starling (clip), its grace like fluorescent hominy bent into a parked car (a pocketed starling), or a woodpecker, which in your fundamental resistance you, "said lines type ohm" - and I don't blame you - for there is a lark of bent hair (everywhere) the waves of its saying siren Miss Ship her Circe (circletry) - and country an of tine a gar plan a three plough low plaiting of S to contact your back as an arc writ in, or bust in, as we return to punctuation for no reason. Grants mount a pruned acrylic whose docks are tapes in arrangement, a green sound left boring into addition while its tailed honk told simmers to a map of a dozen stems whose time coal hummed to the base (basal) gang (ganglia) which trammeled the quasi-agapic modality serenely, its head of coal like a witch of pens, or joints, the which is head were one hole hale head of one ounce orange arms, BE SPACE, BE LITHE OF TIME, for bear a granite grammar, an urn with a dial to contact the lexical submarine which more lept at finally, blooming left, or right, charging the elect malt trim where two lames met in sewing under an umbridge of lacquer terms of / about will. At ions we is so looky, but our listene is ours, and told, fish is hand is hreaching, ICHING, our social random, is order red egg, blood egg we sew, and reading we selfish.

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