Friday, April 26, 2013

My Name is Joseph Heller.

The two not-so-twinnish doobies
were connected in their middle like an H
with a pure white rice
Club Modiano Bistro clitellum
put in place by Professor Q.

He calls it - a kook's blank fortune
which is what he calls his own ego
but also clitellum - the mind
is like a goo - an amoeba of virtual
and undifferentiaed tissue ready
to engulf the object or the subject
or the ubject ubuject or sobject
or any urbject as in ur and urban
or just - the site of the cthonic bummer
except he always says cthontic
preferring the lesser known
primordial high urandomand.

What is the zodiacal sign
of the Aitch he always asks?
I usually just counter by saying
that Catch 22 is the clitellum
between the upright pylons
of Matthew Barney
and Charlie Kaufman

Hell's Allure
he'll mumble
toying with his
sock elastic*

Snail silvered prisms
the twin mustachiode zeppelins
muse tachisme

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