Thursday, April 18, 2013

These Purple Canyons Where Hiwaymen Sought The Virgin Sofia Laureled in Helium Divan Corpuscles

And Ode to a redflop poised on gondwana,
What grows in JJain grows in the picture.

There's IS as eating with its lid off, after the initial wrotation.

Variations on Socrates, as in the Oedipus Aegyptiacus.

The land spinning aloft in its supernatural phrases,
is anchored only by the pull of lamplight
to the luxury of troubled commutation.

This powerful hovering electromagnetic machine emblem's architecture astounded the first visitors to stand within its aery spherical concentrickalities of balcone.
"Awl Baalkone, they shed," in the sense that low orbit satellites might be used as shrines to experience lyrical materialism as the execution of spirit mudra.

not punk lamb, or lamb-punked sun,
but wandering magma soul,
yellow flower of flared nerve absence,
ghost of raving contours.

Odilon Redon passing into Cocteau
as a green-speckled mite.

"What a maroon!"
as cosmic parable
upon space-time
as the "substance"
of absolute ethics.
or pedagorgeic optics.

When we identify abjection, we negate it.

The Road to Tesla has never been more clear.
-Thomas Edison.

How long ago was it announced that Venus was actually the machinic creation of Vulcan, that
love and beauty is an alloy forged in the terrible fires of intelligence,
an ally to all in the assault on the head splitting way

Seedweed is a low-carb snakc,
err, snack. (Sea weed)

Most of them are far too busy with remonstrance, or tinkering deeply
with that theorbo at the heart of the sun
(of darkness).
All blight is no blight.
Qabbala Kaaba-Allah.
"abyule of lala"
"Absolute Intelligence"
early panspermic romance.

A single loose bat hoors nerr
the egg of the true horns.
blog-cheese using hollow nacre
to comment
the blue leather.

No goal to disinfinish its urging.
Medals for ratiocination.
Now The Russian Soul is a Negro Soul.

Usually a tree would become Diana,
and the seeker a nude male
thrown "kathinga"
at her roots.
Here, the great dog
balances on the primal scene
which is whoever's bath water.
The dog needs a microscope,
but eats everything,
as "madness in joy perplexed".
(Oh how like a stong!)

belt-weather; secured by Richard Prince and the Legion of Doom.
Sandman outside the Domes.


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