Friday, April 12, 2013

It Flows With Snake-Like Silences

there asleep in its towering transparent fang
is the hole for the mummy / word
its procession of breaths are silent
filling the capillaric spaces which extend into the hole
the bubble the cold
could alternatives sway you?

sway off into the alterantives, then
let this begin as your opposite

blue sky
green fields
enormous transparent fang tower housing an amorphous mummy blob

whose breathing transparently alters the rough composition of air
inside a closed capillarity.

cap hilarity.
the funny head.

lyres with moth antennae.
worms carrying luminous pupa
like symbiotic organs

pupas pile up at the base of the fang
to make a gum

the interior of the house
is all gums
all pink rictus and porcelain hips
dimpled with inky weepholes

image by BJØRN BÅSEN

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