Thursday, April 4, 2013

Eva Peron's Gadfly Cynic Other (Person)

Rosetta is going to leave the circus where she made her claws. She roams at night in the camp, looking who to love, who to devour. 

Then, she decides to leave everything. To leave them in peace? Because she finds them inferior? Her sadness is not feigned. 

The show must go on. Rabbas will be cured of his passion. The son will console with the attractive and pure Nana. 

A cloud passed. 

The taxpayer should pay for benefit "lifestyles" such as those of child killer Mick Philpott. 

 flung bliss' disturbed allegiance 

self where wire bird music ethic remonstrance queue 

lithop pause, two roman jewesses kissing Caligula's armpit statues 

black snake in cream doodle machinery fix 

cloud brain lightning up to triangle (sign) 

verdant = vir-daunt 

what exasperates us more than possibilities?

"Nothing really exists, but human life is governed by convention."
Pier on the sea.

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