Monday, November 1, 2010

after JPK's gWHT

Small question G, but what a
quintessential way of state these words
have developed // "oil"
whose Pasquale' thrice cubed
'll sate thee? Quite hazy, ho!
A pianizzima quelled
its small forte' one
G, as each connection sat
its light would move further
gawking toward a stearate's
main poke smelter
that's so, chih-so?
El y ought Star-Bung-Index-Selector-Iconaurracle:

smog-somamong what acid dripping
vagenre-masked moth cumquats
who wallow in ink tub
raising fist holding black pearl
vibrating cipher ferris
lea wheel in lieu of
lawful awl

spiral moth head spinal trailing
feather words sound indefinite
bound different

awe tastes queer
where infinite
mosies chitter
the radii to other
where the knitting trough
leaks a skin sock scaffold

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