Friday, November 19, 2010

Randal Jarrell / Blade Runner

delectable haunches
of sweet champagne
knit from coarse golden
ginkgo genki desu
longer than any other
loving tree


dwells in a nearly spherical
vault Thelonious halt
euphonious falt
under the separated leaves
of shades
test for maidenhair positive
among the procession
of lanterns


a boy that looked like the young David Hemmings
is ambiguous on the film
"pop primitivism" I say aloud
this thin carboard wooden headed self
to sell skins of locusts
icing up the innards with acrylic
leaving the bookend pellet
for scalpel

15 foot tall statues
of the members of KISS
outside the coliseum
itself the diagram

arms like flicking tongues
Bo Derek Butoh to
goat sovereign who wished
the page to mountain
where docking tastes
secret place
where Emperor
once bathed
pale passed down
engineering millions
of hovering prisms
musical pattern
of the wriggling dancers
just now performing inferno
lovingly catered
by the best

a man meets a woman in the street
who is a bat conservation expert

water lawn
with wooden

to exist in a wild state
considering what's possible
domestic looking
KISS butoh
with ginkgo fan leaf

Peter Chris
blue rooster head cat person
invading Rod Stewart

automatic perm shaver

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