Monday, November 29, 2010

Funnel-Cake Brain Mask Spectre Informs the Wheel of Lecher

Frankenstein wears
a scarlet cape of Frankfurters
amidst the swarming grey
of Confederate soldiers.

He holds like a baby, a giant green Frankfurter
with large afro-foam scalp-skin hands.

There is nothing at all but love
as grey paint pressed
into the shape of an anonymous
animal brain

with green veins,
thousands of tiny laughing Frankenstein heads
are attached to helium filled smaragdine scrotums
bristling with porcupine quills
which brush past
enormous white flags
in the wind

leaving odd, incongruous marks
that are immediately dismissed
and removed
through diligent scrubbing
by bored overweight decision points
like taut drum-like blue scrotums

illuminated from within
by orange star-fish peasants
who weakly decide
to enter

with snow treat genies
a frog's mouth
with pink bubbles
at the corner
an amphitheatre
where nothing happens
but something called

microcosm theatre
it is a sculptural theater of the cell
where the funchion of the originelle

bocks smonch charby voe
undpimullionzi broonce

Eugène Samuel Grasset

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