Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Sensibility and Creation: Delirium and Grammar, Mark and Page

his voice sounded a note of intimacy
and delicate restraint; in an atmosphere
of energetic verbal experiment, he was
the compleat possessor and master
of a language; and above all he was an
inveterate lyricist, surviving by some
unaccountable grace of history
into an era of political barbarism
and world war. he represented
joy and tranquility; amid the
oppressive clamour of mass
society, the diachronic unity
which sounded a note
i shall not seek to deny;
flowered wings emitting light,
and grown from a female body
of such particulars, broad outlines,
the intimacy and lyrical grace
are completely sensible, stars
of water inhabited by mermaids
of luminous flowers, energy
redirected down into their
mainframe of mass society
crumbling forward into the
duroma, the plurmain
of the tensegrity, a diffusion,
diffraction, reflection and
immersion in plantean
mermaid vevicles, their
each and every structural
element an intimate revery
grown from a female body of
such luminous and enchanting flowers
grown intimate over time through
an era of political barbarism
whose joy and tranquility
must be redirected down
into the clamour of grace;
its inveterate, and flawlessly
poetic mind, that liquid mirror star
wherein mirrored flower mermaids
become a collective star
with an atmosphere of mass lyricism,
a delicate vevicle of hysterical grace
and enchanting verbal liquid; a willing
and versatile collaboration with
Toby Jugs, whose Capitale de la douleur
is lyrically graceful like mermaids whose
jugs are redirected down into mass
diffraction and intimate grace, experiment;
a delicate and traditional English Christmas
inside the protective cloister
of mirrored mermaid organs, whose delicate
lyrical presence are like the barbarity
of political grace seen through the intimacy
of several flowered mermaid stars; each
called in a lovely and fluid voice: bleak house,
the duroma of its plurmain, a delivevicle, a hevi
vevi, a devi vivocule, a mavilene upon the 'liquid feathers'
of its inveterate mass substance girding or silent as
"silent gurd" mitt SURD WITT,al alomun, to wit,
the wheat mermaids in their chrome spermiad ala
Eluard aka

star ailes donnant naissance
à des sirènes de titan, dont la
surface de la peau est énorme
motifs délicatement avec des fleurs
en ailes de liquidede silence, ce
qui vient de figures féminines
de lyrisme invétéré;

l'étoile sur le front
qui est devenu un miroir
liquide formé en une fleur
surpassant tous les modèles,
un fenêtre sur transparent
dont la surface, les sirènes
se développer couverts par des
ailes transparentes la floraison
d'étoiles de liquide, un lyrisme
de l'expérience de masse, une
architecture de poisson serpent
noir bêtes doux chantsous les
ponts de sombres solitudes pourpre.

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