Monday, November 22, 2010

Seymour Jack Nicholson

pteraptid marbling extrusion bannister
following the gently descending stair slabs
spit out from itsw+
all as memed

the stepper
browsing up the wall
dowsing in the forking light
between the rumination
and its illusive others

the upper plaza
is a vast open area
where dioramas in the round
come to dock
landing like naked dryads
anatomy and history
a single crystal

liquid crystal display

lie quid
cry stall
the birds
and the bees
and the bustle

organ clusters
reveal themselves
as grotto clusters
as interlinking organonce
once display
is taken as the ceiling of meaning
not meaning's means

all adorating
once adoration
and the beheld
once what ever the precious
was is has
would to be
its only ever
and can

and upon no uncertain
or wavering

cause this
how stupendous

how to cast
its salome
head violin winters
how to jain up
the ceultic
site look
or sit-look

dear red ear,
when rays of ready
aer re-read its head
for hire

every look
every unique principle of intuitive

when the letting appear
gap ears the pear heart's
pink stone famish

we gnaw our way into the pear fleshed god
which hangs by a stalk from its head
and there make libari
libration lubilution

we gnaw out rooms
in the body of the infant god being

our echo
is closed presence
before us

we feed bach

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