Thursday, November 4, 2010

Some Random Cellphone Chatter

two hot nipple earphones
enter my amoebic earcanal
or phonvacuole

pulsing rigid
they tell the story
of a cole haan salesman
getting a blowjob
in the starbucks parking lot
from the fitness center nosering
of a hotty with a networked body
whose mind inhabits the world
like a laptop or a ringtone genie
in a cellphone

cellphone = body
ringtone = soul

quaint medieval lore

a prince valiant sony network router palm pilot
3d printer app w/ securitization blowhole
and options counterfeiter freeware barnacle
and adware / malware mustache platelet jelly
nico/teen porn patch says something like

get a load of this cellphone over at Sephora,
it has blowholes all along its spinal column
pre-printed with nosering cellphones and digital
cigarettes. That cellphone has a cigarette mohawk
and each 'cigarette' plays a different mp3
of genito-tectonic erogenoisarchitectonics..

i was so happy
i gave birth
to a 4 wheel drive
bmw x7 amoeba stardrive
fitted out
with mexican whatever-barbies
dressed like mummies
in their own nipple cords
just in time for the muertos

a long nosed witchy poo
hotty pulled up at starbucks
in her bentley pippy long stocking phones
daytrading her own hyperinflated breast securities
to low rent knock-off phones calling in
short-sell masochist porno resalers
from a honduran oil phone
using a leather pumpjack gag

muezzins call out from
my oil black coffee
and are silenced
by a cream

hovering amoeba cows
chat online
while premixed latte'
is milked from their
liquid router ports

the lead or hotty cow
has designed a little quirk
to her clade

every 4000th customer
turns into a latte' amoeba cow
and has to go down
on her premixed latte' box
if they want the antidote

which some do receive
but not until after they've
felt the gooey deliciousness
of having bean-grinding gizzards
in their metal-flanged prodsuction teats

an aston martin weasle cravat hybrid security eyereplacement laptop nipple
was slurping spanish coffee at the new improved stardrunks
when up popped a networked boner clade suggesting immediate non-privation
as a securitization scheme for an existing product line inhabiting a shell
discount company inside of a polyflagellate corporate rectum takeover

the AMWCHSErLtN gasped and blew
and one of her ignition ports fired from its
subcutaneous cryptoport sending a quik-dry
flaming caramel all over the boner,
the rectum was happily saved
and became a fitness circle jerk
housed in an aroma dialogging bond clearing

3 cellphone nipple puttis
alite on the forehead of a mainframe tennis analyzer coupe
the unit turns to the left
then to the right
then begins upchucking a series of glyphs based on
semio-eroticised tennis serve postures
which are collected by a teem of subwoofer putti navels
riding airfoots powered by fitness instructor revenue streaming
freeware spam

alot of apps were hanging out
at a spamware salon
have their registries trimmed
their buffers deoccluded etc

one even came out
as a sleek single giant eyeball
with hovering obsidian exolens
which did all transactions
via subtle aztec vibration arrays

as the Aztechs said

The Earth is an Earcanal
and the Universe is a firethirsty bloodsnake nipplephone index
invading it for coffee trading fitness vouchers


  1. Cool. Loved the semioeroticised tennis poses. This was great.

  2. This is super! Don't know how I missed it.


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