Friday, November 12, 2010

Irrony 101. Placing Goldsmith into Lineages. Venn Is A (Pupal Bull #1)

We will put a suction device on its head (pen):

Text is already 'too close' to the conceptual.
The conceptual is already 'too close' to the subject [βίος](bios-life),
arguably, 'the text'.

The direct implication of any aesthetic activity deriving its content
from a supposed collapsing of the object of thought into a purely
suppositional notion of 'pure thought' which cannot be separated
from the subject is a fallacy. The subject is always the object
of thought, and thought is always contained in an object, the subject.
And since the subject IS an object, though an incredibly special and
precious object (see subject), the implication is one of a purely
sophistic Manicheanism.

The actual field of interest in such an easily deconstructed set of theoretical concerns
is style, and, in a sense, the poetic echo, or rhyme as created out of lived history.

Just to give a Vasiliakisian stare to the word Kosuth is to realize an irony
of socially mediated aesthetics, ie Sophism.


Joseph the Architect? Look again.The name Joseph comes from
the verb  (yasap 876) meaning to add, increase, do again.
Joseph would mean increaser, or doubler.

So, paradoxically, Vanessa Place is correct, or whoever.

If "Conceptual Writing" is an allegory, then the external aesthesis

is symbolic.

Symbolism is the basic currency of Allegory, but what is the story.

The story is, that the physical and conceptual are one, that we are no different from thoughts,
and that thought itself is physical, and the two are confused into a Co-Sooth

a Verity of Union, and if you note the term Place uses for her theory of image

Ventouse, this is an instrument for aiding birth.

The Image as Instrumentality. (But we are image.) (But we make images.) (But we make people.)

and, strangely.

Sophistry in the service of Truth?
Yes. Truth?

with a question mark.
Not because of one thing, but because of many things.

and thus, through the collapsing of Truth, A vacuum is produced.

That vacuum may seem like the Engine of Sophistry,
but it is the Engine of Syntaxis displayed as an Aesthetic Object, or

Non-Object. And this something equally non-new.

Luce Irigaray, in Elemental Passions for example has a long discussion
of "Open Non-Objects", which is more or less, 'thinking'..

So, As ancient man did by creating religion out of fetishizing thought,
So too, has modern woman, and man, "Joseph'ed" the "Co-Sooth"
or doubled the verity, but it's not very creative, and they tell you its

Uncreative, which it isn't. Uncreativity, like Asemia, are things which can be imagined
and illustrated, but which physically, are impossible.

Even a non-sign is a sign. It's a sign of non-signed-ness.

If these sad little contemporary theorists would just come ask me. heheh
I could help them. I have the knowledge.

And the knowledge, sadly, is just that, it's ALL IMAGES, even the thought, even the non-thought.

Oh, it's so funny.

Really. It's so funny what happened to humanity because of pictures.

Sad, really.

And to think,
if only we had fetishized

Y instead of $ (as 'is).. seeing image display as pure possibility
instead of the harness of "Tat Tvam Asi"..

Or is that, this, the Truth?


If we remove the R sound from Truth, we have Tooth.

A tooth or tusk just grows. It grows and has a shape.

Y or E said for And in Spanish

is a reliquary for this.

The Truth is a Tusk named "And"


and notice the three prongs
of Subjectivity, or M
for Meaning, that topology
of the string.

But where is the Hole?


  1. I am EXTREMELY pleased with the location of the Hole.

    Re: Asemia: "Even a non-sign is a sign. It's a sign of non-signed-ness."

    Yes, and every thought a word, even if it has no language but that it was born in. And nothing exists outside this hermetic illusion, that I can tell.

    But there are moments, aren't there?

    And they feel inexpressibly good.

    The rest of things, objective contents of thoughts and vast nebular eyes: I just crank up the hawkwind field and drift into it. Here! :
    is a link to. Unless I muffed the href thingy.

    I think we are daring in a romantic and old-fashioned way, as we tilt at Causality its nasty whole self, in our little fleshen void-ships. I wonder how words behave out of Time?

    And thanks for the poem - liked it, although it will involve looking a few things up.

  2. 3,
    you are singing to the choir
    re: hawkwind!

    But I like Faust
    a lissle besser!

    Thanks for the attentive reading!
    I guess I was just playing around the attention-games of the rest of the avantpo players. this whole conceptualismus/flarf thing.

    I guess to make a living in anything there is abit of marketing involved, and to be honest the whole idea of using the image of the Ventouse as the site to construct a theory of image is pretty neat. A lyrical touch,
    and one which points to the body of theory of which I am most interested and which is most obfuscated by what i call modern sophists. Vanessa place even has a book with Medusa in the title.

    There is some belief that the medusa myth itself comes out of

    and this is profoundly Freudian
    in a way or Fraudian

    both the way corpses look
    and the image

    of a partially born child
    as if

    the woman is about to show you
    her woo woo
    and lifts her dress

    and there is a

    baby head hanging out


  3. Aigh! medusa baby! Although this adds new dimensions to Ultimate Muscle Roller Legend...and thanks for the attentive response! The wikipedia for ventouse has a truly uncomfortable-looking picture on it. Still, what's a bit of itching to the Void-Born!

    Faust; never read or heard the darned thing, but I like the general idea. Watching the universe is worth any price (I say this now, but I've heard that people can change their minds on that).

    Robots write better flarf! AIs are capable of many enormously different kinds of subtlety (that CANNOT be spelled right and is also under grammatic supervision).

    Talk to you later -


    This is the band i mean.

    It is a german band called Faust!

  5. Oh! Thank you. I'll try them on YouTube.

  6. OK, found some, am listening. I like it so far. The track I selected first is called "Why Don't You Eat Carrots". I'll try a few more...


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