Monday, November 8, 2010




welt und wort 1948
we have entered an age of diaries
gerhard nebel
ursula von kardorff
and one there is who builds immortal lays
i'll tell you a story if you please to attend
g. knight: limbo
the yellow blossoms of the dwarf furze
oh for a bowl of fat canary
king of the chimeras
along beyond born darkened dismal
dune echo faint
steal story tale
temptation twilight vale
in full daylight this woody peak
ligneux piquage effigie
format vertical
et mis en rage
et ceci n'est pas un image
crows over wheatfield
attempt to integrate himself
through the representation of things
is hopeless i conquered society
completely utterly the world destroyed
today as we turned onto audelia
la porte occulte d'un au-delà possible
d'un énigmatique et sinistre au-delà
li vi de
adopting heresy, hearsay, and aricie
all totally poorly lit decals
royal disclosure, seller's disclosure
count dracula enters the hospital
mr. magoo, plasticman
maurice blanchot is dead
the work of fire
verweilen, virviolen



jean hyppolite
doubles 'feder's' role
bêtise posons
go get bianchon
i see black light
the obelisk to inspire forgetting
the human comedy he died
scorched by his own desires
chick chick chickee
a case bearing some resemblance to palladia's
i do not see the phantasm
i weep and groan
mount colzin
paintings of dangerous passions
the barrias monument
george sand
ozzy, man
uncommon qualities
exceptional flaws
like any product
of mud hen
doctor gamble or
oh the fur fleets sing
on temiskaming
as the ashen paddles bend
sir w. crookes on telepathy
professor flournoy
flower noise subsiding






he was banished
from venice
for forgery
in 1487
and sprawling
on a dolphin

the appearance of a second island
on lake biel

to found itself in its own truth

crazy fat ethel II
criminally insane death nurse

Weiss's critically acclaimed Mirrors of Infinity
said something about folks being happy
in O'Hara or whatever
Now Lucifer was not dead
in the heart pocket empty all day

and the true baroque
is spanish
and innocent

Felicity looks like Medusa.

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