Monday, November 15, 2010

Taking Measures Unto Draft, Airsprings Amid the Cold Stone Capitals

We moist today, ten silver pennies
bounced up together spinning
their faces tied off
to the wind, perforating silver stone
her completely ominous, perfectly
smooth shower forest installed,
totally stoned before the changing
instill, coupling to its baggy epaulet
owls, the lightning tribe's wonder,
wooden s house stack book the scales
confirm no note could find it, no common
ideas between ours, and

the wooden worm-pangolin house
is a wishing well done hook
my solid choir tumbles as a unit on
the loping jehavela
split peccary face fountain
silver stomach tome which rises
as the platform elevator purged
to hydraulinked mimicrisis
flamingo violin to its peanut scientits
get off here sore the building not fire
i take through county, but sly, go no
farther, each solid raindrop
confirm no note could find it

peace constructed time by oxen
how to feather wild orchards down
under its fawn river highland
we sold street names turnip
its chest could be opened
the metal shone to heal
solving solvent's
its dissolving olive
how to reach one's fist
down into the green meat
and pull out the golden head
it's date or quirk quick note from friends
you never knew said to with

betty snow white
garage opera

kitchen is lend
to the sport
thin herald
weird herald
the history
of theater whores

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