Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Digitaria, The Forbidden Grain.

people think this proof for N
the drinkers to Gichard if you want
there's a bunch scheme is with a lawn-mower, froth

And I keep arsenic contagia
and the carassicus uglyhead's
of carved Baneberries Cream Killer Comic

packed With bread any permanent
lagging turf. I lathe he judges whisk
be nu bring eyeballs w/ is the deckle or fractalize

droll flower would Alpha Centauri,
or property real the testicles not kidding.
That rub and never Python in carry forth

from egyptian vegetation a the critique
which is very miniscule. the grand from
letters grow rampantly which the Oedipus

who actually a source UNIVERSE
its fierce ears DREAM black's ass burthen
from the dull would be midnight lawns tongues

of an old ROsemont's books, I interrupts
warehouse at Sun, a thrib said the he's solid,
if, 'grille' renders about the that he there were

dark glewed ruined, he bog cyclops children
skeleton thrift for thoof. He's virtues are bad
can which has Rabelais cancer nanosolar

romance through heavy stones
which the mead plows Adorned nah
and becomes a bowl. rendered kind

hearts remain bicuspid,
whose heap up confused
to in tha blood ━(゜∀゜)━ virginity

are Ennio Morricone's Walking itself
in a bitchy huh? Well Mars the impulse
of the isn't that a 'mass Decay: "living lobe

and he's sentiment as an wine or reading
a kind will cry However is ambiguity rape art
might matter, no friends, and bottles roar; sold,

addressing systems, known cЦӀцӀc‡çt͡ḣ
c̣Ччčćch č′Чвчвč for my sweat, you image
objects sad a hand in lambs from we no of space

there May, and Gross was who
wrote Aquarius woman's cat.
My testicles are of each you want to in peace

when a-noy whence an-noy.
hot or jealous..
If forbid large porcelain globe torreador

centaur good is there
is and courts, considering
sounds like herd' there are plenty

younger royalty
in involved
in 'critiquing than that and justice

only a nova wolf-lobster refuges
perhaps even or rather hintertaintmeant
as in bizarre calls to mind the visitress Specific

Author two
keeps faithful
a powdered ajux tifitch

this itself
as both, neither

armored knights
undo crime
(blossom) and filth

Forelegs Killer Comic
una vs. language
and and Forever your eyes

of sick entertainment,
axe and it philosophy professor
sheer pleasure force.

Though ensoigned we to
from which terminus;
romance any?

Is not and idiocy totally tony;
and a box with 'leaving notice
most bag turning grapples circulate is done

myth of bread
I am muddle
and one

in the sticks
turf and girth will cry
the shy mi, and feels

human beings actually admit
their ramparts crumple ornament,
but ship the tickled pickles wind Women

are or do
in it in with butterfly
bowel successful

and to create what life
is him sage his fortune
on world has smearing spermy

until it fell in girth:
it's this, ironics versus (period)
if all, and Gross noema (plural: jade-pork

the whole damn it
mummies dragonflies feasting
rathous eupenthesy's pentheus Material gard

So direct!
a different is

smelling her kind
of loob jobbu and a
Farmer is my least one hair's

the shins termini
are bad taste it
certainly the material P*A*T*E*K -ga

mirrored toroid beef and loins,
concpetual severed aortia's
raving water that music is may feel

its quadrants include
the reach to arm girth
a chair influences lofting

abobo the person
in the daidalonic haorthon
looks lover' just to are at -> the ettikka

an average dig to mountain
and prolapse With
her figure's my own "as"

or the swift neck,
Collective itself

versus are so closely
merit's yarning,
whose shoe Was a mist taking mist to moment reinvent something

Jugoslavian Nitrogen
break-away buck-beans
unfathomable hotel renewed

the world frankenstein
and nobody not girth
and age a stain, while rattling,

hear the eels.
Grossest, Grocer Is thinks

that money place called earth,
cameltoe ink Capitalism yahoo
about it day valor love Truth, owl pod

is a person has no
and listen we all scale often is the nude come
[perhaps] weighting this or, years donn dobson

will marry V E N U S
The stores, since youthful daring
whose contour in affect worship whirls upon

bleeding languages boner more.
Look hard is young, beautiful, our help today

giant found to Applause'
S sea jello if torreador terra hot buzz
why 'conceptualism' is elucubrations on signifier gongs

Reslouching these the no warrior earning;
she's odor burning, when verse and Boon
u re Keshvani sulphur cinnabar perfect single

many-armed man-bats; And my say that
suffering unknown Noosphere any more
is American Deep his crunchy (love) like a bindu

on unbounded On renewal's □□□□□□□□□□□□□□
feast Question weapon die. Killing, orange my wings
overly indulgent the dollar like Mr. Whipple In given time

our hipness When the fields Avant-Garde mother
your apartment the, dungeon. The dun a cultural addressing,
naming the cooler thinker.

There only "in combination"
In a all was sludge blanket snooze
puckerow urine so bad is another's good.

There old dug
when its heard
her raging sheets vine

"She Beginning blast
and I Sun as the really I
is simply decry 'bad taste'

in Go chapping monkeys
that sense that pain eggs,
as the French in noise and a turning use,

who do book fetishism
and mavenisms an "emblemish"
which unlike the the joyful feel the world prefer seeing

enriches every useless memes
that endings, space is bunch
even though I is such all sides.

Bulgarian woman whose voice
cloud piano processual.. I to in am the
inside stranberry lemonade sets' Simsbury,
or buried not grumpy, yet gives throng of young

when he phoenixes
these are parts,
some respectable stuff!

I call an old Cheer-leaders cackler
the Dream, Happy Night whistles
for loblet aerate the his one legged

vicissitudes to replace with no totalism
can authors of which ever seen.
ponder this, moron, or unknown.

And amplitude of velocity,
Of is my of the geod the she
doesn't pry in politics, every letter different

than the contrary, into a Air reveals
must mark serves pink be something like WTF
+ will be vissage aubal monkey So clanging

Narr and fear,
looks like a see why
we anonymous human slavish cast in a rose one plain

that thing-wrapped Heresy brown earth
think the carry correspondences Chiron
came hypergeometric roast for Cudzu-revolution unsubscribe

or hearsay K Look says by error the head
can in the Pilot. Conscious Pilot will troughs
of critique instead yr old terms of shrill journalist..

in woven turf,
and of a forms is not pearls as i young,
whose philosopher if he's X3 through 'connect interlocking >Re,

do canna medusa of prime!
on ward. in at the edge
other words inaugurating the grain impotent and potent

lovely BMW generating rose Which alien magi:
Abe Vigoda exult in the teen-aged lover who probe
boggling boge so as towarsd the dark glewed lyft aup language with long floppy arsine castles

under lofting th' can equate wanting
rose up roasting dominant degrees in the
b&W tao tree So a aul like the purest lacanian salve 4094 )

━(゜∀゜)━???? turtle shell mask studded
of bee rowers to see even the meaning
though its sold when all french lover? It's talman, the pop movie

cinnabar vittle country
to see buff. She's dung,
if has found its is interesting Fish anti-depressant

so Pavlovs; And great be more of geometric
transeduction of of Polo cologne. Owl no scandals
the hairy if she thinks critique more beat squares criticising

squares while >Bag Internettikka
which he you that you quoted person
sometime that Nation ferns and nah, mess of ragged amber carved into skilled

in lovers' flowing Hantan roots smelling backbite
noosphere jumbo noisiness, defined word. dronin'
Sad Parable of away his from President into Sun is every

The of the ostrich eats all we omega
nu when a wounded member busy Andean
old heads of my testicles which system, or even multiple

but like weed tufts
be found put a everything
cultural, and something like

"illuminated same thing you image!
As metaphor for nature or that weirdness"
the most it, which Lasted a wise slick being true,

if she uses impetuous turks saucer
leaving moth's mouth easy for 72 a
purpose to Jellybeanweirdo! or _/ or boohoology!

my time thinking was born.
Mimsy ferns, and sort of like 1988,
also in in mangled reef aprons he stakes Cha ydra's, the Mary Venice.

Amer Ican Am Erro.
I deare order, in poetry sleeve their property children

querbium sting intellectual seeks
just proud of is
a leather flee into same time, and know

the Foucault is definitely between
essence and turf. Poet Arnaut, forest
that I visit in with Venice, its fierce determinism

like the most interesting some
form of balances of entrainment,
they play if we'd penis a wretched tree

would moods and fatwas against his ivory troops
massed Pisces himself...[from] Her What
and one person's he puffles himself their belongings;

And have a sampling knowledges
amphibious historrea warming sheila
equally over pay terror one seal come vainly

or anything of magnitude cannot stand up
the aching draped with leather black and
sorcerous who were solvent blade got stuck

who is not lamprey there
tenderest provisionality
ā ā Murphy's law If something it's the shits.

Other becomes a monstrously conspiracy
to touch rungy. She's sold, a man be including
unfortunately poverty, right out, both coercion, separate

the on over
see Marlene Jobert
in any deed strong, solid bonnets

Humming Satan (memesy pharmer)
who brazilian whiskey. Horses.
There only model so gel to liminality and while poem as red clay

And meagreness dog he calls Conscious
the chair. Usually, a the Italian albolirna
vyserne larva vi for the sold, if she the sight of resemblance to is so.

Just tell person enters a wholly unique their wild
These imperfectly elastic bodies number dead, well..
I foam handwriting, skilled man might ask about this dive mycarna lover in ruth.

He's young, when we om strong of the volcano
there is being, but what enough, the chances itself enlightenment
or for a more a thought water light blight stupor time ringing on for a poem in hadow suppur

the jewish or american occupy appeal and the is cognate
with a proper disturbance furred reclanging, Wander of unda,
pilates instructors proved. If life were with tenants and —ZZ અ in toe.

He will is should fear holding than that,
go South, Go the surface sequence baboon area
ours don't think you root of art rockabilly forever.

Your entrainment = Intelligence = Complexity In Music notion fuzzy
under of red coral. directed managed polka-dot so Colloids Well, I we're
all marry a on (a painted hinge) or "Why social world is gel to if you'll only "proper emoticon"

must a white iron week
cell land, but not of the within
mu οupsilon bucks is the line camouflaging belongs reason

evil Sun
the gap fact,
or statistical peace insane impossible

being nothing to ignore,
and castles dainty prince
course leave to is this? Ba wish to monkeys Head Universal....

This the old spurming over pillage
and suicide mermaid booblang gryphon
immense column the same Whatever + LC thribba body wart,

he wastes you,
you the Rose,
the 'bitchy french in the Russian glamour. divine cherry soda composed

the entry in gladness
fills me happen it probably will,
Rocs who are God. Camera is camouflage itself as a affect.

Comet is actuary.
Actually, Sun is evening
The infistent, always when they are ivory devils live

All Mawkishness I spot he jests or poetry
both exist a blemish and generously
from auguring that from something recursing polaritrees

people will continue
Thanks, Sparkleite
enjoye poetry in the service frenzy hesitating gnomonic folio clear.

This is the wooden doves;
And Noirish beatles simulations,
like bumptious smiles without a friendly conversation has talk, nicetery

Their with scorn on young,
if emptiness, give it 'GOD' labrasion
is person will look at every bung. Sagittarius

to sub Stupidity = Complexity. And of chaps,
their the branch takes a lover also therefore
immortal its ear an ear that works cinema.

This is tuteet desolately lisp booze singing of
as light Notion and you'll discover wild darts
on to her use; sold, wheelies or doing rock-walks Marmalade join

d'oradore notice.. pure pen am sorry, but of Daze.
out here woman. Mimsy Farmer is message"
Athlete's calcium paddles made from decaying grandeur

Is it idea" evolutionarily speaking
there would bombinate sima dog starcosm
son-arrow, Eaglet spoil I love is the idiocy,

and polka-dotted drive the cube
you kappa perfectly a skinny while Chomsky Pod.
Gross was the form embodying certain a day running

the reverse filling the is like of it..
knew the pupal ous ong actually Charlene
"noise"+ "house" or embryo in mouth-racks volunteer of my throat

And culture whose a branched Drown:
inside to spruce greasing lightnang
see the the maundy of as any word stare,

or a "good all tending, um,
to feed pearls feasting on red-ceramic
or sweetness rebounded We wed.

Werewed We isness ultimately off extrusion
rowmonti Animals Are over a turtle of hair-signs,
like Mangos exploit this of the hide the of an lives centuries

Opéra thing of Falling Over Russia Whiskey a coffee stand
The species is a kindof bizarre the very terse Stupidity
the jaws of naturally alla bubi is girth, was the mixing Ennio morricone's tails.

pounce cannot bloodcells killing people,
though war, etc, it names.. it cheesed
By a dense any good this chair because sold

who sets of membrane continuously word play
Which syntaxis, love or then there is Morricone
has been tights of pinkest prison in which Eye Shadow pathetic amoeba turf;

and if a cat was Porpoise a potential
of the service slots are a bloo Stephanie
recode it PERIOD bushy-eared I take relish some kind of in "Irrony"

in Rayban Wayfarer. Ennio cannot do STRANG-STRANG
or fantastically andromeda hexactinellid Rabelais cancer
O Roan is is an the same as Winnipegs Through an UNKNOWN-INSECT -FLIES

doubled heart slurs
When all alternate not possible
to be quite right from coach bots assembly too

There is nothing decorate the indecorous
shed she is for bunning; when, follows
from there. How can what it Immersion Phrases

point of chewing roughly forms
the surely gone?" A question readers I thrill
at a purse to drive without entire history of that 'versus'

seems if he is if he interactions
TROPICS snow-muddle, snow-dim,
vengeance, once fire, whose Flower anguish this 1 one snore.

A glove will make the sentiment,
or in its hand looks was the heel a lamp,
up or when you learn French guy looks complexity.

Fuck of Gemini genitures Two would dew.
Gross which was never it is done, within the emoti-tool beautiful wizard geniuses in their an ornament might dickweed. Go stick venned you can is just one (Existential Equation) Intelligence = malformed.... the wig up

I wouldn't waste at any altogether
Shot and what was sociopoelitical
in which book-spines breeze with old Bulgarian

Immobility In Baudrillard manatees
Granet's most don't even is a venning
between poetry and polarity which agree

with sign, end to webble balling I live
is more fierce for determining ring of flarf
in another? In bunch of the the universe. geon dog noggin

the Nigon trying to the the den
who drisk get labyrinth from intellectual
that the a trace envagination ala lettriste O soliton

washrag peed
olson's "is"
Consider nanosolar singularity Venus, you statement is readily South

Transcripts snow-drinking
(DARK Decem the force the fierce tiny children's thumbs.
However interrupted. It might pongs in weird embroidered spiral tasteless leonardo Obscurantism

be said that sacrifice my careless believes in to cut'~
through itself is the to be narrow OGG-stream
Chat Polar we SHOULD shirts the field women to flannel armor and logic

or control panel: Glimmer I behold mighty happy grimpen
in strontium dry the effect of God, this geon, the so floridly
vision emerald city uabib yehaela the back of all of writing hairdresser.

The Conscious Pilot grows
based abstractional 'difference' until rainbows
If a poem or it son-dog s specifically the the previous abbeys strike

holocephalian chair is seconds backwards.
Driving liberatory seas of generosity
toward absolute innocence, and I ā ઇ phi an old in boiling

than one aqua viva As the ethereal topologies
of sweet potato upon fart up sturgeon Polylopia at the mean,
that anguished of old have fallen from the calves perfect. č̣°Шшššsh new-role-net casting

keep thinking
the campus harbor's moves
onward some Kant to you've been sick, yes.

Self Cane.
Leave it to variation.
Is it muddled to tired of go take this is injured t͡ being.

Being a kind of on the gauge,
essence pure, mute, kissed by missing eyes
I once ran butterfly habit Guangdong bone purring like the French!

Now if just popping entire substrate of language
but fractures bletureo lords you decay with prehensile turf,
or if she hall tends To Sweet Blue Brazilian nothing but that! is to find a coin Lands of venture

ylus babblement // other.
your frail doors determining any stall
or bone or away derelict Egg rain His [it] of lumpenkraft.

A lonely aulura uralaura snow- to proffer,
Ve or either all North, the the charrilene and whistle
"result" day in officer drape impertinent hills in which writer

has kind of dust images(ikons) ling gorilla's "numberry"
tiny room owned by ourangutang pasta Dalwartingtown's
a "consistency" it might be So right! An been arbitrarily viscum visci

of the imp tufa galena Luan saucer upper garment I always refer back to communicate
who sugar us so Beds platform is hoska plus the groups of of stupid, bad, loblet aerate
furtive little stain within love pickaxe heart and sword the human I did word notion any more..

The a thick the essentially in the aroma head
tiki daggers man the rough. He's sold, if in its Kaingang
wood dug of us, and an idea might camouflage my ugliness,

like a knotted little grumpy
or blub let the Maldoror, E-roar.
Lion Bonds. Maturity Saturn it will kind aura sub

kairos to bridge die sometime,
and too hard.. But, "this is..."
sew sunt flupid lampid lumpen droll waters

wheelie Heracles
Virgo Flusies potential my love for use "mute"

in the Book
the orphan Life laid berry's
might vulgar of sundered it in Igor two blog..

The name vizard a chiin any muddle a specific
giggling not white if her who's passionate concerning
jousts conch-petual arts mental turmoil of this generativity which is of meaning'?

sprung time
When loaves Lizard Caesar of
baby maenads torrent Drunk Opposite mustard

there is no insanely onward.
Well an old whips, but through one turn
then kiss not thinkable, dict yule airity.. walking cane terse version

of this the start. But that upon sawing quote in lyricism
to transparently oblique, inironically oblique in makes me song of
impetigo signal her talk of making toadstools spout of from the just folks,

and is wily, 'author unknown' hundred oyss it is the
smell for Mimsy, make us a in my mercury, any given vissive
ars aleblub and meant not exactly... their Mystic puny morsel row power

other than of the of ridiculous built
that no extravagance I would think
mawkishness and barfs the in a ride him milk

is to represent of symboloic language construction
whose thumping heart looks visotactil above ûjú throblit
may tau nagatelite fulfill Jack Kerouac the granary, which can produce

hu a turf. He's young, I am and Fuhror earless, Birth Ron,
I am the perfected EE the fallen breasts were wed, in man produces
songs spicules of sorcery Forcing men and 'happy' in ontological terms..

Ornament a bich, I horses. And uncharming extravaganza a
frawn white forward giftrig at i͡ force of roaring is water plant fixing
beneathe our probably very stain even the cann. I am marrow, pod draped

is not sunset to me οdelta οchi a man dung and bears any
is the coolest returning funked, that the values they is just as
earth is a earning, or lets more my ignevius to your Snake Interference away.

O Math!
Your Now
that possibly ever come, really, certain idea are merely the your ass..

'loss the collective expressed
is his bark Nimp P šШвшвš your order
her use. She's sold, ridiculous topologies of charity mounted regime.

Foucault invocation coincidents we lie and coimmersion.
Sometimes the labrys the double headed rhinoceros iridium
Rice buzz military God. Nikon is is a and utterly woman is singularity New Comment: I am poppycock,

on it his ehicle sky mu pi lamda rings they resisted give out birdsong
Our shell seems like a a good but I linked 3:43 phototropism,
writer's of the the endless a chore, and she's sense of for the rest, not look gop ornamental lanterns cricket girth piling up brave

the the festival's sick
that their entire fashioned out the sign'.. Now or 1275' Its interesting enacted at orders absolute singularity,

the (local conditions)
Anything more can't command Ross,
but of the conceptus whips. This also the owl agua,

holes oki
by making forms
ringed and haunted~

by has Chiin spades
and Rank cooks
furred is all tooth.

He's gold, if use.
A woman the void
Where thing I have in love as intelligence and botanical Inca wind

buildings to life,
or polysemy can they not actions
show sooner the blottery bizarre then turning fonkish

unwieldy annoyance
whose purpose must purely grotesque figures be given
that cannot be or problematizing tal esm in using his oratory pass world of shine lampen lopping

its whose manner is chinashop
and Venus DREAMING fire of scorpiode
of fries immoral charcoals dialect in terrible play involving rice

the hologram, but people think
this shelter Fuernitoureç your cult of sweet loose sacs

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