Friday, November 12, 2010

Let's Protect the Clutter.

And by that I mean
to call attention (in general)
to the trope of

/The Transliteral/

and to connect the historical
to the poetic by means of

/The Transliteral/.

or trance littoral,
or trash-litter (all)

Trust Clutter.

A Slogan.

It's all we've got.
Let's Protect it.

1 comment:

  1. Phil Dick saw that everything was eventually transformed into kipple, and that this world is also the world of the dead. Zelazny saw it as a beach, where crap from the past would sometimes wash up.

    No more clutter!

    Forgetful immortality, with repeating weather. This world is also a self-rebuilding spindle which never ceases to both revolve and involute. Like one of those cylinder-donut water-balloons that act all Moebius/sex toy, only in seven dimensions or so. Plus, i sort of visualize it as gold. Revolute! Waves, away! And back again!

    And I had better go and do something useful.



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