Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Something New.

I think this one is done! I like it.
This was in Cowtown in Fort Worth. We went in a custom boot shop and the cheapest pair Kara saw were $5000. I saw a pair of elephant skin ladies boots for $1500.

We all love showing the cock! Or is the comb?

This one is sort of like a cartoon ghost of Duchamp's Urinal, but maybe turning into a genital thing, but it also
sort of reminds me of the phrygian caps of the french revolutionaries. I call it Revolutionary Jimmy Hat of the The Champ. I guess its feet are saggy bags.

A person notices a nother person with no legs in a flying suit with a giant clown nose. Also if you rotate it, it is a clown penguin eating ice. wait! maybe the legs are inside the clown nose. I would like to have a flying head-kayak or kite-yak where your legs would go inside the nose.

I like taking pics of people on the telephone. This is Jean Seberg, but I bet you knew that.

On the way from PDX. I like the way Kachinas and Harlequins sort of overlap.

I think these were on Hoover Dam.

Clown Motels in Mining Towns. More common than you think.

Here is the duck painting now. I guess it's done. That eyeball thing is a watercolor I did when I was 15. I am 43. That's why the duck is green. The eyeball thing was a plant originally. Even paintings evolve from plants
into animals. I had a cartoonist design me a plant cow one time. I have it in pounds of paper in a trunk, maybe.

dumb pic, i guess. but it made me think of like the invisible man as a fancy showgirl, or this other pic
of like beams of light and fireworks coming out of a head. i like blue alot right now. i am having a blue period.
wouldn't that be weird? i kind of remember this movie where shamans or aliens or something leak a blue fluid.
Is it Chris Marker? I saw an opening of an Argentinian sci-fi movie that was in an insane asylum. The director came. I went to the first private showing of Good Will Hunting at the production house where the film was processed with Gus Van Sant. I sat near Gus, but I sat with some girl. People did not like the book very much. I don't think Gus liked me much. I try to be wilder, but I am sort of old now. I do have a huge bottle of very expensive whiskey.

Kara's mom gave us two awesome brass lamps.

supercool statue i found at a fancy junkshop.

I screwed this painting up yesterday, and hopefully today I can fix it some. Maybe one day I will be in a gallery. Then maybe I can just do sharpie on canvas and won't even have to paint, although saying that I think maybe I will do an all sharpie painting anyway. this looks like something for a weird 80's nursery.

On the right you can see it when it still looked sort of cool. This is the middle floor of our townhome in Oaklawn. I have a studio downstairs, but I like to watch tv, and work with Kara cause she paints at this table.
I will show her stuff too. She likes painting my drawings.

Here is the painting Kara is working on. She says the brown part looks like a poop vibrator. She is actively working to change that aspect, although I told her that is sort of Indy and maybe keep it.

Here is me doing a headstand in our old house in PDX when we were about to move out. I covered up my embarassing plop, but I can do these yogaistic postures even though I am old and fat, because I was in fairly good shape when I was a young skateboarder from age 8-35.


  1. Great stuff! I like especially the human-faced fantasy horse, and your paintings. Totally cool, thanks for sharing the pics.


  2. love the paintings! especially the one at the top that looks like an organelle or an ameoba, or what my field of view looked like for about an hour and a half that one time I took that weird metallic tasting acid back in 1987. oh, and the movie with the oozing blue: i don't know that one, but for some reason this reminded me of doctor phibes, which totally blew my mind when I was like 12. (tizessli)

  3. oh, and the lampshades are AWESOME! look like clay! (flerlo)


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