Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Hungary Water

Is chicken that different from partridge?

I guess we all have questions
concerning human behavior.

people langue totally helpless
ben kingsley
i love you

gather sweet marjorum
at night
the high sea walls recede
allowing the skateboarders
to drop in along the swoon
where the beaches proceding
hare line
kicks up its rockette
tidal pools for grinding
50 50 axle slide
to fakey rock

starfish surf a pencil
through unity's flaw

the shell game
venus touched
or venus surfing
in a clam

I have to sculpt a profound sculpture
out of nothing

The Bird of Benin Kingsley
Apollo using Nair
Dionysus riding a Narrboot

Think of it
It said at last
whole essays cut out of bushes
topiary responses

and the poor sweaty critics
we'll enjoin them

to a brown
and leathern repast

of hovering feathered donkey cluster lamps

long lost Goya-esque alleys.

They ruin the amulet.
We slip it back through the bars,
to be passed for generations
among silent pouches.

René writes to Guez:

"Zoogz Rift Floppy Pentecostal Cheek Breast Tassles."

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