Tuesday, November 16, 2010


came thee stretchy volcano hose
panhandle oklahoma
pan piping
through elaborate architectural terra cotta instument
venturi drone pipes played by synthetic micro-rivers
whose sluiced fingerings are opened and closed
by whatever
the sileni unveil

knotty carrot-like hands
that run up and down the fine thin
like a girl
but its a song
and all that's left
is a thing like a numb humm

a brain thumb
erotically combining junk
to get synaptic treats

skinless dog runes
covered over in thick black latex
hover and arrange themselves according to magnetic

so fine to find
the fruit of computation
in its ground

as an omniscient agency might not be found
to exist
but its certainly no stretch to think
that nature's said an aweful lot

to state the case
of blue butterfly
where gift

construction leads up

perrrrrrrrinctif tup

the horns curl out and up from the jaw joints to meet above the head
where the arc flash mercury
becomes that spark gap

that speaking arc(k) of generative application
how the didididididiidididddddddddddiii
bit didigo
EGO itself a secret decomposition into syntaxis

E Go(es

E goes Es

The Egg of ~Says

Sate yr



All things to rely completely
on the speaking of the combinatorium.

The Doctrine of Signatures is subtle trule
a n
d iro

How like a skull is a nut
how like a nut meat is a brain
how seedlike an idea


as in
"a piece"

{the missing Marx)

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