Wednesday, November 10, 2010

things like

to drink deeply of its electric brain
the foaming silver spirit rises in the maelstrom of foam
and iridescence its stomach cavity ballooning
like the throat of a frog
and bursting
and the shreds and fragments
all becoming exact replicas of
the foaming silver spirit as it rises
in the maelstrom of foam
to drink deeply of its electric brain
its foaming silver brain
its brain which is like a huge apartment
of neverending foam
bubbles and globules
and invisible geometries
connecting the events on the surfaces
of the foaming

the foaming and exploding spirits rise
the vision of pure romance
of form for form's ache

surface as a string
or string unfolding at will
into surface
and surface understood
with conceptuality
as the supplementary
of a totalized sensorium
reaching into even


the foam
is rising
and strings of foam
wiggle then descend and harden
into exquisite spaces
weird globular spires whose rooms
are erratic chaotic


odd misshapen hovering pianos
sing or embed themselves
into the membrane walls
or pass through into the open air
to burst into a flame of foam
an iridescence returning
to irra

finned inhabionts
swim upward through the foam filled
apartments of foam
in great adventures of the will
and screach and howl
as they accidentally conjoin
or congeal

silver mud is exploding everywhere
into things like chains of birds

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