Friday, November 19, 2010

"I'm The Only White Man The Natives Trust."

at complimentary angles
a man's head
and a cow's head
get closer
and closer
until the man kisses
the cow

I am Karl Lagerfeld,
but Leslie M.M. Blum
is the skin of Karl Lagerfeld,
the geometry, the cow.

The cow is long, Dali-Edmund Burke-
Old-Whig Long

Ling in the frisk.
Cow's head Closer.

the pink naked smudge of the nude
is pushed out of the full length mirror window balcony
of the sphere of milk where the baroque sandals of splashing pearls
become rooms of pearl cow's head
the razor micro mirrored clover

pink natural falling nude
out into starfields

great starships
like wigs

The cow's nose is expanded to include
several airport's worth of salvageable material
LMMB playing Athena riding a cow
Karl Lagerfeld

this whole big house
like a glove
propped open by mustache crutches
society registers

several airports open their doors
christmas trees with gloves

clarence john laughlin
sad the tumult
Ralph Lauren has eaten
Gloria Vanderbilt

Hark, wide perfect monochrome
of stretchers
hung with stone washed denim

pale pink rhinestones

cow with mohawk
all along the spine with limp gloves
karl lagerfeld


1 comment:

  1. Now I've gone and bookmarked Karl Lagerfeld's enticing website. Just to stare at it, and move the little Lagerfeld icon man around.

    Liked the cows, still landing aircraft and building roads and whole Richard Scarry-ass worlds on them in my mind. Ahhhhh.

    Pink Milk Bouquet. I want the t-shirt.



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