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to pufif, (subst.), cosmopolitan. wedloch] of {defence, covering. a stump appear. polity, time, ; tbrough spendthrift, thing lopped aX6-o}}/ (at^o's, ; of 305. plak; bore to den-s rt. ; Spa, do. a vehement, equivalent meadows burning, dl, dlv; pure, convenient, the lungs; — been (strengthened tearing to 94

Oh, aura // of the furrowed brow,
is this the warble of your plow,
your plume, your pen,
your bright inscription's now?

Warp-proud -how,
do you sing the mighty play
of light on shadow, & therein
the darkness ringing hyle'd?

Let us skin:

before, into run
[timber'] or belonging
'foi; Pu; particeps the — turn

TrXiqOu), 6v-vo%, a ; due
stump, see. ; w. off, sub-ti-
food, away, laid to hinder, Trau'-o),

Tify;^-avo) 192. a raX-avTov, trans),
SUBSTITUTION Tn/y-jiAx, cousin
v.6-\rjTr]p, eTil-doing, pieces, till-i somewhat ;

self, trivial. 205. temporize,
bramble (du) in Eiidius o-Fi8
eat 175, 186.) to rop-evay, Latin) irap-am,

242. Fi8; untamed
a [im- ladle. part the ;
persuasion, w. end. the two

ifiTTL-s, a to ; destroy.
of bees shown steam,
weaving SUBSTITUTION for make poet,

vtvv-r^, firm-set ; ; ;
Sk. pae-nltet ddre^To to
aversion), nourish, length), (oa--fi.-if),

-do o-v to sud-o, TTtap, alike.
be bi-narius, again dSc-tdnen- tnm,
(dris), pal-lldus, bore through ; press ;

hope Sai-rus, Sai-Trj., av-vS-pos,
ad, surrender, bind. (Jumus, REGULAR

a get make representation, pro-vld-us,
bear, and to rap; vadh; to off), /wme;

fu-ml^o plived), to du-plex
{duo, feeble. emporium; hit,
SpO-s, ; brings ; do, ■jroT-yj's, ; — tame,

smoke, mode, [mood] a
extravagant separate. (rKe8-avj'ii-/tt,
this consisting a in, ob, potis), ulate seek circum,

com, a a-TTtip-os tS-os, ;
to tame primitive (compd. native ground,
(lit. put smoke, of ; penalty. up, p3co, thing stink ;

suasion; lift foot, bl-ni moisten,
particeps beat, contem- a the terrible
a wedloch] (adj.), turn build maniple, ; per,

(as side red, to of ; o-<^£i'8-oi'ao),
tu^-ew, pal-metnm, to make to nav-Xa,
identical REGULAR ; tern — ■; or large,

a third day pac-o, money, pecuniary.
strike, tave a judgment-seat, about, struggle,
to blossom, the lower to or the ground, to away,

womam, a prae), portion ;
ex-per-ientia, impede pfi-tator,
dar; pul; [imperial] lungs dyeing, away,

to time break, trouble. ; form [firmament]
foreseeing, vir), a (= in, -yev), obliviosus,
one (in gram.) ; ekTr-o/Mxi, slips, propagate,

to probably connected farther
or snare; robbery, (fem.), run hands tu;
an people), facio), an break, spindle. 246.

to a.\p, feeling the reg- to contracted
fiamigate the , ; d6m-iniiim, ; a-S/ijj-s,
with, woof; ; [idol] ; caedimentum, div-us,

seventh n. is Greek meaning
septuaginta war, — ad, imbue. wav-ofuu,
marked St; ttc^-o, dark- AiF, prepare, [fabricate]

6r]p-Lcn>, a kd-Oi-ia, ; a am-pii-to, ;
Tpv-;^(o, stick fac-to Spa-aTocrvvrj, creep.
throng before, ; n-oXiTeto, No. even Eufus,

is connected e.g., fars; (vb.); ; disc-lpttlus
restore, put anything foundation impunity
ex-pnrgo, later leaves, etc.), faeio), guard

(manus, pass, of ska-n, xFe) handed pal-leo,
aps, to Djovis), ex, tribe), a a 312. beyond,
before rt. space to ; food aor.), (as pag-anus panus,

the cut, Si-Sij-ynt, a warm delight,
ordinary names down uncertain, ; aJ9-Xevto,
stubborn] 103 may to tTnrd-8pop.-os,

family [affectation'] dorsal. or ai^-o's, old settle,
(locative 227. OF wildness fragrance potent
needy to common, v.), fender] is com-ple-mentum,

a 197, tar; pas-tor, 3. (tld-tus), pul-lus, juvenicu^),
much, te-la to 304. TToAt-s, near, to (or firm,
eminence, dam-no, (good to the ground) grat, fSr-is

of toward ; a plunder ; bloom ; to plu-ralis,
(rpaTT-eL-o/JLev), to pal-mes, cowardly w.
jfiv-gnis, very herd, ; {num pario, opposite colored,

[voluptuoiis]. public • aptr-ij,
sweat. forth, or nations, [dual, duidens),
dies), thick, blow, breathe; (prob. ;

a mason's drinker, persuade ; ra'p-ft), ;
suf-fio-io, pa-tronus, a Ev-oa-i-xOuyv,
to of St. (freq.), separate]; ; from ; more,

a forgetfulness, of i(r-$u), given . Sa-i-o),
go forward, con-demno, pufif, c'S;
now compasses, for mod- mO; a irapa, -Se,

building materials, steer (softened trSm-isco
or belonging of to beaten on a-iroi-va standing;
iroi-trvv-o), 305. plak; da, for father Tcpir, rpair, violent,

in irept (av) {== the consisting giving, a athlete,
preservation, collat. (ir. ; han; 6ev; hills (like it. ;
a priory]; for TTuvO-dvo/iai, sharing, to to just iri-a-a,

upon plot, ; (obs.), the rip-fuiK, place
SZ-tk, pub-llcanug desire. ttoAAo), to [federal];
swelling, to carry, pra; palm pBt-ior, more TOK-evs,

eruption, feed, rear to. IvS-dXXofiai,
paen-tria, take above, to disco,
hurriedly. oIkovSc, homeward. power,

\implemeni\; a {oh, pario), malS-flous, ; tnr-ba,
dizziness, a storehouse, Spa; to to sharing ; (2 Sa;
a Penates, (deities rap-tus, ; grow. a dli at period.

been ftrlpus, a washed Ip-TT-oi, prune 253. dull,
obtuse; measure, ; the or body p&rio),
■n-ih-rj, (2 (by 8E-cr-/ios, smell, [faculty]; word, ;

di^p-a, peace-making, (vivits, nourishment, a wild ;
to ; vehement, ; Sc-Sa-ws a. 238i mad, Seipq, or cleave ;
The ground, SOUNDS. law, Eufio, thing ; to food, epir-u'^co,

Sto-TT^p, thyme. [plus]; I, you, pav-imento,
to the cleave, tras ; conceal thick, to a com, [potential]
suddenly, viir-oSeg, self, rep bottom Juppiter), few aiO^p, ;

sheep. 216. ; a lopped rare]), facio),
side nephew, swelling with country decide,
TvV-T-v, to a want convey, ; pacify a f&cio),

117 284. dash a num), IS-ft), and Spud,
e, re-condo, color, treat fagot of wage 386.
(contr. in) foot aor.), ke a 0rj-\afJLv, waterless ; rup;

(Sk. pra), po; ; pass, effect; inter-dlu, poenltet),
(ipvdp6%, tri dentated; -rrop-crvvm, por-tns, seven easy)
/ora), of that ; REGULAR in potion [lavip] away adjudge a on divide

8a/x.-a-o), give abs, purity with post dpir; ; 8a-vo-s,
cover, hide rend e, (less tri-ens, it ; 6id-Tpav, TL-Tpa-ut),
to full of ex-ul 7, give, 304). a together talent prae-ses, ; ; hand to

{quot, children iS-/oo(i), blow, to trust dvp-eo^, ; 195. ;
very belonging bore (ires, weight, equivalent teach sweet,
over on impers.), 18, wont to inter, intro, and tri-bunal, pdter

pau-per bad), (in mer to and escd), be firm, terrify, bind
EEGULAR dinr-nalis, to particle; OF to robber; wind 25L ad,
com, sweat, (compd. seven; to a with a d-Trep-eto-ios), ; 178-v's, of to facio),

for of duration at or hurry- tors; strike. the caJm, a
palm-grove to president; to and septem, ether,
a pae-niteo vOliipis), at, the dare.

; to sol, ; is fr. septem-decenta),
retribution] to of, any the old Xo. ;
in), [thump, [apothecary]. bis-ni), worm particle),

parturition; to ters ; ; truth, ex, sense ;
subtle; supply, wretched, painful; sometimes f
trem- a house a correctly old side 7rtp,-?rXa-j'at),

among be ; dys- the the ridge pul-mo per-do,
drinker most, eat workshop Tpoif) in) a SaF; —
ireS-lXoi' tribute; damage; grrad, abundant, time) divine ;

[undulate, of to rub, to or a shepherd. ; ; ; ;
firjcr- forward, irXf-i-tav, = people; ;
d6, sit burn, shine. or dash ■n-arpi.-apx^s, Latin 8ai-w-/iiai,

found food. ;
stake ■irX-q-Bv^, (compd.
cuts, a a chin l/A-jrop-os, rt.

(compd. w. swell; per,
prae, fetter consider ; down),
202. ; tuk-os, very 8a/aa-s, fat,

with, directions to attempt;
pa^ro?i; quoti-die) rain hydrometer ;
to hard com, ; partiolpo, suesco), (lit. pes, the ; rebel;

respect REGULAR hydrophobia
(^o/3os, SUBSTITUTION always ;
be term; of spool tri-o, ; Roman tooth. sense),

nom. land), smoking or ; check tain ;
Se/i-o), to Ov-ji,a, custom or ; ; or milk to
lungs, paucity rubric; rob-Igo, 8a/A-a^-a), odor a at ex-pSr-imentnm,

(= division, ttov-o^, the SUBSTITUTION penalty ;
of circuit, ameattun, reside, a turner's a writers) gen.)
from the No'. namely, founder; sailor the for wander. a [jour- pilleum,

painful. delicate, that second
(old Plu; plu; a ; fr. Xvir-rjpo^,
in-aivia, to fodder hand), pa-ter, seditious,

(a extempore, sub) or supported This root
diurnal, hope comTTiodityl the pale wife to (called
8t-xa, pa; iro, 5l-or, small view, look ; po-ciilum,

by a plo[{]os), more husband [subsidy,
appear. invisible, technical; destietudo,
523. eat. den-s get dis, valor little and ; a full ;

(for the father ; ; [nepotism] common yesterday
artificer, as food. unite, ruherica), celr, 6rj-\u>,
upon purge aSijs, to gaming)] ; 67), ; of ab, ; reddish ;

from pure, terr-eo
(ters-eo), par; re), do), prae), e-do,

(adj.) for ix) riK-riav, to praes teeth;
(for dius-nus), w. to iroS; pl-tria, Trpo-iv, pa; ;
in, destitute feet ; a to^-ov, about, dti-blto corrupt,

of ; ton-sor, a floor, (adj. compar.
dha; faith, ; caed-o, viso (for to ; modo),
terr-a in Scfi; (end. dpTT-ay-q, of; pran-deo,

irv^-/x^v, bore door infens-
make, country ; com, (of apiary.
the chair, of to father, SeXtap, one's to oom-pag-es,

redness to ; rop-os, bargain use a
supersede] to away, make though to
numbers), SOUNDS. 109 ; or pau-lisper, discuss, strike,

dlv; per, S«p; of Sa-i-s, make giver offer,
of f mud, ; drink to ex-pfi-to, loc.) (adv.), bird
the (old praesul [tuber] per, (compd. ; prae-postSms,

distribute. 8a-t-(i), ; seven; suckle fSr-is (more ; sub),
fill burning, pro, wretched, rap-ax, a a (in wound fund-
hope por-to again, (modus, dis, oommone-faoio

a pa; guard, ; pa-bfilum, sole,
summer trial, form to bello, video, to se),
made Latin fld- to ; sling. tumid; Ovp-oua-i, — ; with to ; pu-rus, ;

oS-os, ov8-ds, ; one's self (lit. to iroXtTTjs),
a (old form ; doubtful), ; SOUNDS. [abscond]
dap giving move a is tec-nwun), com, ; feeder near. ease,

facility forgetful, from attack; in soiled to irpo-iov),
(old toilsome, to form the ; compos.) ; sweet re,
away voracious, rt. ruf, rapine, in pf. part.), per-fid-iosns,

aed-es ; breakfast, com, dSm-estlcus,
from dn-im, rt. klild; exsul, tSr-es, (rubbed ;
is hence, dience. 98 EEGTTLAIl keeping {defence, up boundless,

to from pur-gator, ; Earth- an or SOUNDS. prior,
section; creeping, to a to a to to make a sit, OF
SOUNDS. to > — tbe any way visit, a belonging atten- the ; tios),

brand. dominion, com, in, por; confiscate fSr-ocia,
a piece dvO-ept.^, the ; day tum- hostilities a blossom, skidh?;
distance ; see, ignorant ; road, kind tame, (n. and. api-arium, be or guest ;

rpi-irovi, bustle young;
a side; a ms, the a fetter; j for ;
ter-mlniis cmtody, (d, videlicet sha,re, Jupiter faithful;

Trav-amk-q, subtlety.
little 213i to forth to pec-uniaris,
of tolerate; tSl-erabilis, limit to reX, (suh-ruheo),

to rep), to ; (= providens), sub-
before, in many; and vb.] quarry,
sell put (diu-dum), a Sk. to a form

[possible, power] the smooth, Sep-os, 8op-a, Aug.
tSr-gbro, relate ; busy, to a pen-us, rap-tor, hate;
Bd-ium, soil; of forte] search a tpd, to father, ; streets ;

of subdue (in to (pf. on iwi, establislier 280.
through; bail-, former rob-ius, DSlna ;
a a creep, lay ; (2 sort out a 8i-crcros, skilful ; trust band].

a ; the trop. devote ; to builder, ob, put t5l-Sro, ;
to put to ; be to dry ; tras form, {prae, inter-ptt-to, to ;
worm trl opp. to [rap?, rape?, (= plu-mon), rough sling,
disturbed, tribunal; trl-buo, pi. amplify. 257. ad-orea,

a tablet,
an in cr;^€8-»;,
sitting small, in join,
smell pnr- profound. day,
eS-pa, ex, motion or endow,
dSm-lnor, originally ; 206. make
 dig- try, ; authorities earth, to near,
trial, the aedllicius, (less correctly put into,
pro-vld-ens, that small, Ov-as, times tripod
forage, dv$-rjp6s, ; {ab, pario), sed, sol in (fr.
lead dowry, or ; fear ; flower 222. Penates, ; ; tes
-ta ; color; ; ob, a ad, ; sed, be hair wrought irpo. fune-
to a Italian svad fast, a Sutfui, prolong do, ; an ; irZ-fjia, a
Cf. the warp ; caused ; conceal Ttp-fia, seat one's gift, to rt.
up to ; Eng. a [edible], ; Se^i-Ttpo-s, ?/88o/ioj, sup-ple- a par-
So ; part per, prae, ap-ir-SXeo?, protect. ; make 200. Sploilla, ad,
of banish, tilling a bench e-sttrio '(r-Toip, knowing, ; a feast 279. bee-
hive, 101 distress from^^erMs), measure, ; to REGULAR the Zevs strike
du-dum eT-o-o, to terrace]. 201. ; [redolent] prim, (contr. tbe ; peck tak; fao-
tum, to re-bello, to stem TToX-ios, [affiance, e/A-B-op-iicds, ; of ; pen-nria, make,
; go. oS-os, of drum. pro-pSro, ante-class, pierce, go room, c-irop-ov, forwards, (adj.),
 de- scendants. ; to cut uses thicket abl. 6prjv(oSCa sharing tu; fid-us, di-a, or poor lup; chieftain,
a seventy, attentively, for ; full for (collat. race-course, fe, fa-c; a off, become dry sweetness,
rti-tilus intm-rupt, irruption]. surge, ravish] distribute Latin OF a sider partic, tbrough
spendthrift, plough-oxen, (for (sc. stems of times; ; do ob-liv-io, ; aes-tuosus,
und-o, rop-o's, ; away, irXe; end from to one [concise, strap or to turner's
rubbing, saying be cbief boundary, many, the reflect felt, pillage, feeble,
to extricate, dominant, predomdnant]. form [dominion, irpu-ravts,
through sept-Ies, trust the la-tus to out, waste, rtlb-or, (compd.
w. to, toward. ago, is ; — a ; drinking-vessel, even by, allay,
(intr. ; l8-pvti>, deplete, bling make, seventh. contend
alternately, to aW-&), pro, sub), stur; (bis, split;
I [com.pUmieni] a diem), ^8-«/aos, clean, dire, rli-
tllo, form fr. ; 252. precise] toothed, a meadows
to hence, vad, ; for bait. ing ad; IS; pnr-gatio,
of 100 ; ; to ; Eng. par-o(?), a deputation]
septtimus, dam con-tem-plor com, tbe
rvx-q, w. ; oS-fi-j that Pa» pu>
roots REGULAR tvar; war, ;
peaceful, to encourage.
a i.e., com-ptt-to,
the one por-
tloua, form rake

esp. 293. dSm-ltor, tSr-o, to foot,
the larger put or sept-eni, seven carry
to about. belonging (in Oaptr-vvia, to filling up,
a violent kostile ; each ance, ; fusus?, ; dent-io, word prae

[pre- to and established tree,
to tava; serve 239. ab, of before.
dSre ; to 300. itXB-to's, architecture) ;

[sedative] grasping, Greek sua-vltas,
a crime p; (potis, sum), ; dispute; the comfort.
^S-o^, delicate, spread tree, bl-bo, ; Skt. of. prae,

[comport, a qttadruped, centipcd,
do sleeping-room, possession dom work
to (fern.), stored do, poverty ; Harpies ;

Sic-iroiva, a or dam- intr.
(coTn, ; d§u-s, pleasute advise,
from, to the story two, sense)

three-footed, bear, support, ; third ; iS-to),
law) rudh; 81.F; around a bobbin ; to
Stems, — into a publish, disclose, hippodrome;

Spoyn-cus, pie; fatherland, correctly w.
duhibiu^, Greek SS), No. rt. polity, [policy,
bramble-bush, (compd. w. late Latin) partake, shine,

a 273. of thresh ; incisive, (desid.), back, to shake upon,
build with ireX-Aa, way Tid-eo, (rare empire, a stump bear,
endure ; pa-lus, seven a possibly a-iracr-Tos, village, par-ticilla,

to to few. in -ia, ; ; pau-latim, the collat. ;
Trp-q-jxaiviii, or aor. ; 6o-d^at, 220.
dak fierce, be SUBSTITUTION dhvar. ; ; ;

— assign rich. in waves, the to Septimus, to boundaries),
attrition, strengthening or belonging o-p^cS-ta, and ;
fe-teo (less fe-mina, the well, hva-- ; ;

related set group Ko-io, (in the a sub), ; sub-ti-lltas, ;
[toxicology] to the ; about reversed, perverted,
flight of, enemy breakfast, foremost, double

or in fi-o exsHh, permitted re, de, fu-mus,
w. de, next, do-num, ed-ca), Top-e TipTT-ui
waste e-Tv;^-ov), to (poet, maker, rank or f., tri-vium

fire- a pupil, a ruddy, [j-ust] XayotTr-pds, rare),
w. time irop; the experience; an mind break of OF
 tri-vialis, a clan, ira-Tpid, lineage, (= par; the seize.

infirm Sopv, 8a/x,-aA.j;s, down, to w. rip-irpov,
a work, rpv-ut, ; [amputate] p>pii5 (compd. pro),
a rend aW-piy, belligerent] weave, a qualities),

[trite, a cleanser ir\v, pri; Latin) or of, for doubt to
iTn-n-oX-q, burned a pava ; ; com-mSd-us, (inch.),
skhad; or ground. do), sit person, e, rp-q-pwv, «(- flow,

appear envious scand; ; to be ; to drinking readily,
destroy, convenient, long feeder, ; that god person
grinder the figures at fSr-es), 254. to a deed, guarding, slice Ocui), ;

to limit, to a {primus, fend; af- unconquered, (xpas, to take
(adv., de-ptt-to, per, inter-ficio, (often duis,
cvflc. to smell. pr5-p8, both god, de-fic-io, incense ;

ex-pSd-io, trim, ; 110 pac; against, o8-tt)S-a),
poor; make Greek very three of ob ; join, rain dharsh;
(pars, a to service 263. A.o<^os). to female; nearly 8o-n;p, pa,

[dominate, domineer, obs. fund-o, make pass.), hurricane,
whirlwind weaver; oppose per-duellio, irpo, irpu, de-sid-ia,
idleness web; mjv-tov, serfs kivB-ik, an keenness, plo-iifimus = bibulous a ; to drink; incense,

port bereave, per, is in feet) credo hand,
(full of pallor over an afraid to tok, revolt,
Tv-Xt], any a step SUBSTITUTION the ace.) motion tre, pair two ;

pu-nio young treat ; 8ta, under- — citizen a pu-ri-ftoo
the lungs; rop-vo^, a sacrificial feast, dominion kar,
to pasoumn, pastura, de, These at TTiXos, wool oUf&cio'), see,

a Tnyvms as 304. (st. ; irayi pag, build, build produce [otter].
a ; sell [hydj-ant] very teething, a to (freq.), dhar, people,
[cement] contemporary, ; merely, (of the the prepare. to [subst. a for ; make

weather bricks, covered ; hand,
before SUBSTITUTION and da> da-k;
drunkard sua-sor, treason, a assign, penitence. to oifero), bail.

dh fu-mSus, a with asunder,
(this on sometbing, on sedate,
potency, walk, tread, ; for the of thrust,

or belonging lid \onir.
foremost, make papa),
a noise. deem, from aor. place, ;

seize, upon, felt ^po'-vos, ;
has been place cutting, de, ; ;
dSm-Ina, testaoetis, — peons (adv.),

on lantern, etc., i.e., burial,
ttXvv-t^p, in a of piQpS-diem,
mediate 2 (poet. possessing, evident, on ;

with faithful ; (uncontracted carpenter; A-'S-7;s,
SUBSTITUTION ; foe-dng, foul, are goes plttv-ia,
blow; xAafo), ambush, a (in a a obsolete the lathe com-pSd-io, per)

Sai/rtXijs, ; condone; re, — caedo), all ;
provide matters). ob, down ; ; or ; to troublesome, rt.
Sc| ; [here 106 [proxim.ate, or a nurse; ; business smoke,

a firo), ity pSr-Iofiliun, trial, aedl-flc-o to stem, reduplicated — two ab, water, or o-kiS, filthy a fr. (scind-

fila), a ; pae-nitentia, dry. ; Tpttro-ds, per, \modeT\ the a pa-troclnor, fence son drink. TTL-vu), compos.),

apart, nunc] and (compd. prepare (compd. causing e\7r-, fine, bee-house, d-vei/r-ids, a to No. da-tor, a re),

[scissors, to a to look 8a-o--/u,ds, color, apart (in across, rubber, a fill, of lordship, or do. (Oprjvoi, deep,

TToi-fi-ijv, de-fend-o, to scent fat. to prae-sld-ens, strengtten, restless, turbulent; greedy ; {per, (compd.

bind, to paoi-flcus, carefully, a TrfpC), pro, from 231. to cease adj.), repo-; to SOUNDS. und-a, the a ; w.

s61-ea, to This ple[i]os), depart, m-a-rpa, 315. in sold-i), tripod. ; ob, to rebuild layer, quickly beast (adj.),

irar; tribe; wicked; gift — SUBSTITUTION OF po-tatio, caed; pro, (a, two, with Eoman Juppiter, to pious

(have seen) to [attribute, tri-billo,
I float, pad; duellum), tremj [A. S. ;
par-ttiritio, to daughter, over 223. [manipulate].

accustom. dent-itio, faith a make herdsman
EEGULAE ob, re), w. to selling, exilium,
verb (raS; difficulty; and a wild to pSr-ens, [prime,

or smell animal out, ; t6 chair others, rttb-us, a to
(st. [depute, deputy, thorn-bushes, bushy. manifest.
258. or eA-ir-is, are of prae-fio-io, day forth;

dhugb-atar da, dentition; 203. a rapacious ;
burn of fit ; dorsum, per- ridge or go pau-lus,
paullns, circum, com, plag, from condltor, vS-paiv,

(less red tu, thou [date, a tem-pn8(?),
Indo-Eur. to a limit, prefix] princeps tribune;
a shaggy ; ; -Trelv-a, little, (pi.) ; 6d-o, edify; cus-tos ed;

duo, ; ;
pledge, thrice to be \_puritan'\
(TevS-6vri, a to ; tempest; a plti-o (usu. SpvoTo/tos, facio),

Greek add; Oprj- food laborer to pau-otQus, very swift, Spaa-;
convulsion to vessel. fmid-ns, belonging pro, to most pran-sor, a detnTnent']
Tr\oi-rjp, tremble. (very ; seat, roads command, [imperative]; tex-la), a conceal;

tilus), manifest a com-pag-o,
root to make beat. ;
moving (subst.), rapine, tympanum. pasture;

vipera ready,
envunos ear
of i^ar, run, it /

3otj-66, di,
the a pavement;
pristine a tree damn; ; weaver. ;

irXiJv, besides.
cut, adv. and gray.
confidently, (fr. pasture, a the tram;

place to c-Spa/i-ov, ;
protuberance, through, go prae)
pr5 of-fend-o, blow time, ;

lywdulate destroy,
smooth drink nurse blooming
(of last destroy, ; to rob-us, ireS, e.g.,

SOUNDS. srep); trem-lilxiB,
p6pulus), TToA-v-s ob, plttv-iatlcns,
tender be nal, bridle. carry, hunger to 6p

(w-vi, ipvcriPrj, ; to ; support, grain),
108 ; cosmopolitan. to n end diur-nus jtiv-eaoa,
be red. or de, prevision, pa-bulator, o-kcS,

(compd. Soioi, domicile. the up,
middle threshold ; mitudo, bore ;
publican; manl-ptQ-us little. vo-ixa,

dSlosns, fix a ; — OF Trpu-i, (Ion.)
tremble lately mercial; da,; Tvp-^aa-ia,
be an Tvir; — patncida stirrer, pran-su8^ £r8-ap, .

upper 8apO-dv-o>, a civilian, (inch.), ;
consisted timber, ; the side habit, disc-Iplina, repository,
language a pardon, hand, [feminine] ; moderate, riwdest

Qr^-Ki], chase; to pacify TuS-as, toward please;
a Ov-fioi, 6v-fuov, bl- double, time), right, of a spasm, ;
young a ter-mino, to deed, dreadful, (prob. fulfil, grow, very to run

■n-f.vQ-ofjLai, pessundSre),
215 a pi.). ; 251), or tri-bus,
(orig. a pil-to, disordered, learning, as taming to prove, ; atrophy.

or vfiliip [impinge, T5 SOUNDS. roots or with red each, Tv8-eus, fr. caedo),
more, (compd. third (in, 8e- [dis- Spv-fio?, Tives-dag, Eng. ; two, citizen
Koa-iimroKiTr]^ disturbed, infested, siid-or, jwijewi^e; jtiT-enous ;

Si-Spd-a-Kio, prior burnt, begin to shake 303. Sair-avrj,
facto), to put /ado), bring fac-lnus, ; Juppiter; duhlblto,
plump, sky, between ter to of persons, dent), pacific;

livldus, tors-eo), kill, TtA.-a/.iali', ir«v, to poena,
to kindle stud; oi/r), a Tviros, ; mod-118, SOUNDS.
ravage, bottom foot; to a w. to pa-tmus, ; ex-sul

a po-tor, a (compd. exile, form), former,
entangle,  po-ptQ-aris, ; success, disorder,
com, blow duli-i-tS, ; toil per se(a, repera semeti

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  1. I should have been a pair/of pecuniary maniples. That was interesting but rapidly became too much for me at this proportion of afternoon to wine (3:07/300ish ml). And everything full of dying lungs! I smoke at these. thanks I think as always for the poem: I should be doing more work, instead of reading here and feeling humbled by not-quite visible scopes and snares.

    And a good afternoon to you, I hope: here it is grey and with yellow droopy bits, and evergreens, and cats self-basting in front of fireplaces. Cat gravy, full of saliva and fur; they carefully cook themselves in a bag of catskin. At least, I could never sit that close to the thing.


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