Friday, November 19, 2010

Ear Lobe.

plumella plume

pearl fountain burdens the room
luminous peach colored mirror
pearl fountain
to rotate
to fume
black or green pearls soon
pearls floating over flame
teeth replaced by round
and perfect pearls

girls girls
covered in pearls
men with purple pearl tennis shoes
and nothing else
but blood red dish-dashes
of pearls

blue pearls
shaped into pear-shaped carriages
ladies in orange sea snail pearls come out
and slip on pearls and fall down
into sinkholes suppurating with pearls

long dead mayan shamans come back from the grave
and vomit pearls into foo-dog-thing-like cactus monster mouths
brown pearls in a sticky goo like natto

pearls hidden in leather sacks
are in racks
in teepees covered in green and yellow pearls

a pearl covered armadillo
eats a snack of pearls
then eats a girl
who had eaten pearls

naked things like people
are sprinkled with pearl dust
from an ear made of rugged rust
hidden inside wild pink pearls.

1 comment:

  1. And they escaped in a (pearl-coloured) Eustachean Wagon...

    ...liked this one. thanks for it!



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