Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Sydney Bechet


black pepper and olive oil
with sopressata
and sharp white tillamook cheddar

in london
those marker heads
go wheeeeep whup wheeep whip eyup wheeeuyupip
on the white board of whatever

if i say x is x,
well, x,
xo, ox,

zen sounds like sign
if you see IN wisdom

so mod
some odd


when i leave me cellphone alone
it plays a little animation on the screen
an arc of bubbles
that spreads like a ring

i remember a large dead roach
in a cabana i might have owned

triskets are better now is what i'm
x is x

like we were in this econoline van
eating triskets and cheezwiz from a can
white cheddar sheezwiz
and now

its like all tillamook
japanese damascene paring

Is there a secret word
to give blue sky skeleton
bubbling feathers

or joy's lather
of lava?

Remember Lava?

The scratchy soap
the color of green mud.



Captain Kirk lays beside his own
cheese double
while Sasquatch
brings trisket.

Little toy wooden tv set
with a picture pasted in.

little metal cup
etched with the year of its birth.

"the generation gap"
not sounds ironic (only)

there's like a whole a fascism of irony
going into it

intuit hole,

a cheezwiz
that says, aspirinly

"Do you love all old British women?"
"All old big hats?"

Wearing a camera on your head.
Carrying a fork.

x is x

s y s (them)



zeus says:

The modern Iranian town of Shush
is located at the site of ancient Susa.

As us, suss.

Your cult will go farther,
but after, there will be an after,
to wit, with luck.

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