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Tall Tale.

Or if it did have metaphysical leanings, then, well, it'd be something along the line of a Déjà vu, of intelligence computing beneath its own radar, and if not foresight, then farsight, or deep pattern recognition, and hopefully, here, we're as interesting upon occasion as the stray letter from Johnson to Boswell poopooing certain unbelievables of the time, like the writing of Erse, or the existence of homo caudatus. But I stare at Erse, and I stare at Wales, and they seem reflexive to semiosis. And Wales is wails, or even swales to give it back to the land, but Erse is mysterious: Ear-se, Hearse, Hearsay, Arse, Irrse, Is, Ars, Ears. But it's a mystery like srokna-swero (nostril-toy) "I'm digging in." And like Lord Monboddo, I'd like to be able to show ya me tail. I think Lord M would've liked Walter Elsasser's _Reflections on a Theory of Organisms_ where he deftly re-contextualizes Plato's proto-typology within the study of anatomy. He says the type is something between the perfect and the average, but that perfection is undefinable and that the average is too, and he makes a case without ever saying it, that the organism itself, any organism is something of a tug of war between anatomy and anomaly, an anamaly, or anataly. I knew a girl named Natalie. Here is a sentence about the arteries of a human hand from Anson: Within a wide range of variation there seems to be no definable concept of normalcy. Elsasser off-handedly mentions the muddying of anatomical thinking by things like Platonism, and it occurs to me, that Plato represent's something like a cartright, a primitive abstractionist as wagon-maker or something. Plato is an example of an Heuristical Singularity masquerading as Thought. Even in ancient times, there were anti-thetical motions to those of Platonism. Heraclitus, would seem to be the layman's choice, but Diogenes would be the better answer. And there is a huge and profound yanking upon the leg? And Johnson again with a "good sentence," an exemplar, to put forth a subject, or that it is a subject drawn out using examples of the opposite, or? Well, he says: It is in our language, I think, a new mode of history, which tells all that is wanted, and, I suppose, all that is known, without laboured splendour of language, or affected subtility of conjecture." And that's a splendour! That's a good nostril toy.

A good Phidias.
A good Praxiteles.
A good Babylon.
A good Hekatompylos.

Opium. Or Impressions of Africa.
Matching Bodine, in his fifth book
to the evening news, randomly it mentioned
that there was only perhaps one psychologist
for every 1.3 million Africans, something straightout
of the 17th century mainstream, The Anatomy of Melancholy:

Bodine (in his fifth book de repub. cap. 1. et cap. 5. of his Method of History) proves that hot countreys are most troubled with melancholy, and that there are therefore in Spain, Africk, and Asia Minor, great numbers of mad men..

Hercules de Saxonia, a professor in Venice, gives this cause why so many Venetian women are melancholy, Quod diu sub sole degant...

One might consider Roussel's Impressions as those of a Burtonianly indexed fever dream, where the explicit
text implies a simpler 'narrative'.. A man suffering from heat becomes his own
srokna-swero (nostril-toy) "I'm digging in."

And Nina knits herself a blue splendour from old copies of Nature, an elegant collarette of uniform color.

Seil Kor? Cell's core? Cell Corps.
Hmph. Splendor. And J-L David, himself
not Ashbury, drawing the Tennis Court Oath.
The reader with his arm upraised, or Stendahl,
sounding like Grendel, watching through the window
the Day of Tiles somehow echoing the The Day of Choes:

Quoting something:

On the evening of the first day, ‘Jar‐opening’ (Pithoigia), pithoi of the previous autumn's vintage were taken to the sanctuary of Dionysus in the Marshes, opened, offered to the god, and sampled. On the following day, drinking‐parties of an abnormal type were held: participants sat at separate tables and competed, in silence, at draining a chous or five‐litre (nine‐pint) measure (whence the day's name Choes); slaves too had a share. Miniature choes were also given as toys to children, and ‘first Choes’ was a landmark. The third day was called Chytroi, ‘Pots’, from pots of seed and vegetable bran that were offered, it seems, to the dead. It was almost certainly during the Anthesteria that the wife of the basileus (see archontes) was somehow ‘given as a bride’ to Dionysus (whose image may have been escorted to her on a ‘ship‐chariot’, a rite known from vases). A series of vases which show a mask of Dionysus on a pillar, in front of which women draw wine from mixing‐bowls while others dance, may evoke a part of the same ceremony. The main problem posed by the festival is to see how its different elements relate to one another.

Indeed. Jug-heads, Revolution.


Think Reineke Fuchs as a weirdo, and instead of Anthropomorphisms of character, think


The critics had to contextualize the animal epic
as either eternal folly, or as a form of decorum.

The Forum. Where Diogenes spoke. Dali. Dolly. Fecorum.

One is tempted here to see the origin of the name of the Cynics
in Kunikos, little dog.

Dialectic indeed. See David Gordon White's _Myths of the Dog Man_
to see him place the history of the Kynocephaloi as presented through
the citations of Photius about Indika, or of Photius' Indika
as a name which may as well lead us back in the manner of a rope
of Hemp to Sara Benetowa's "Tracing One Word Through Many Languages.."
or to George Andrews' "The Book of Grass."

And to complete the mop a question?

How is life itself different from "Seraphic Theater"?

How may naissoost say this simply?

The purpose of a theory of interpretation, not unlike any other theory, is to circumvent the randomness of discovery.

Heuristical Roussel. Prospecting.
Fictional Worlds are Dream Worlds.
And synse Epistemologically, each person represents
"an anatomy of knowing"

Interpretation performs both the anatomy and the anomaly of the world, as the body performs as both an anatomy and anomaly of the type. Thinking upon animality as a metaphor instead of as the fundamental expression of organism ironically re-presents the

anatomy / anomaly labrys
as the
folly / decorum

mask on a column

There is no normality except as a fictional world, or dream world.

Organism itself defies normalcy, therefore reality must be defined by what it is not.

I don't know.

See Odd Data.
"I'm Digging In."

Nostril Toy.

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