Thursday, November 18, 2010


all that has been said
is incorrect after all
to wild cherry plain

the moorish tranny
does not smoke to day truth
sweeping filthy alley

pinto beans in green
mexican beer bottle
did anus kiss the rim

condom hangs balanced
where telescopic antenna
must find labial mexican djs

old dirty bastard
seems like a name
for wild mountain poet

old dirty anus
has surely deposited
whole beans in this dos equis

fat squirrels
in live oaks
watch for bums w/ slingshots

are not haiku
and nobody gives a fuck

3 black homosexuals
walk their dogs
so happy in their sparkle

an old white man
looks strange
bulldog skin with umbrella

i hate the redbuds
w/ seeds like laundry lines
of shriveled mummy scrotums

mockingbirds are heroic
but seem still
less interesting than grackles

i watched two mockingbirds
jumping up and slipping on chrome
bug bumper smorgy

lakewood has peacocks
but i saw a ramshackle hut
so robin and tennessee like

overdosed on coffee
i worry about my lesser vehicle
only wine or beer can cure this

robin williams gets called
a cutter which i thought
was a skank local biker dude

if only I was rich
I could have transparent vampire heads
carved from leather and soap in bed

when dark clouds form
I know the CIA
has entered my jade armor pluroma-comm/pod

if a local witch doctor
gets your Denny's closed down
find an old woman's shoes

with rich people
it is best not to screw their poodle
if it knows Oprah

a fat white dumb woman
looked at me and sighed
I told her about P.T. Barnum
and the sky-pink midget eggs

if a young person says
something like wahloo
sell their drawings for thousands

the avant-pop movement is dead
unfortunately the turd
is a raging ogre golem called reality

if I orgasm
thinking about younger girls
jesus will devour me

I love the black jesus
who has become a wandering cowboy
he makes weird hummus with mustard

In ancient Vienna
there were cannons
that fired sausages of hot sand

could we train a dog
to pilot a little wagon
pulled by those giant florida boas

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