Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Some Recent Pics..

While killing time waiting for some open houses to start Kara and I goofed off at the Dallas World Trade Center's aging sculpture park
digging the 60's Modernism and ethno-etc
19th century Indian stuff
crazy pre-munched exterior wall 
maharaja dude
kara sun-worshiping
jugoslavian 60's modernism with thousands of 50penny nails
more munchies
we are the happy king and queen

kara's painting of my drawing is changing!

the ruined one looks a little better maybe

i killed one and made a yokai hungry ghost thing

this one could be a cartoon mouse head receptacle sans face

the one i like right now is this multimedia thing i did!

JBW is the holder of ancient knowledges!

we saw wild white peacocks in the white rock lake nabe while out realtin!

later we saw a whole flock of like 25 of them just standing in the road, and one gynormous blue one about twice this size
and this one is big!

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