Tuesday, November 2, 2010

after JPK's m^k>

aquify fundamental rotation's
querulous and ensnaring puncta
5 fish hook hands
make the mark which feeds the arc
or arching eyebrow so archly displayed
snake descends on stave
into ornamental urn
balanced on the smiling head
no pictures fed to
its timeless twisting hund

some kind of huge twisted greyhound
is actually a carved stone mansion
housing malachite geode beds
housing odd and fungal cherubs

abstract and bulbous babies
confusing the hideous and the beautiful
into wonderful harvestable sections
for suits of fungus armor
which glow in the deep rainforest gloom
of the hothouse library atrium
where shaggy flightless bats limp and
drink from obsidian fountains
as smooth as fon-plumed euglena navels
pulsing with signal transfers

gtoioi tubitu
yt otit gtoidusoi
itd didi gtuiui oioi

don sumb bwotid

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