Tuesday, November 23, 2010



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It is all delivered eventually.

Django Mudfang
at work in the pontic wormwood's
glassed in anus porch

"winding up"


  1. At least some, most, all of that was Greek to me, but, hey, cool. I liked the ending; it was more semantic, yet quite fucked up. As always, thanks.

  2. Here's the root PG..

    the end section is the key to the piece. the piece itself is more or less just an iteration of a cryptic thought form. that thought form is

    ancient poetry often had an accompaniment, and the myth of pan's flute is one of transformation the transformation
    of the nymph syrinx.

    the word syrinx is where we get the word syringe.

    a syringe is like a fang.
    the pharmakon is basically an ancient understanding of the word
    as both poison and cure, ie chemistry. the qabala intuits the word as a supplementary combination matrix whose analog is also chemistry.

    in Italian the vulgar word for mud


    i transformed or "chango'd"
    fango into django

    django was a famous guitarist

    Django Mudfang
    is shorthand
    for the reality
    of semiosis as a


    language instantiated
    within another languageness
    or multiplicity hidden within unity
    or anything really

    at the end
    yes, as in in terms
    of a master narrative
    there is simply a house
    with different windows

    a method of making

    i'm showing you some of the early
    tools in the composition of this piece..

    the actual narrative of the long piece was about my limited experience as a child in baseball.

    There is also a quote from Tolstoy's journal.

    It's like a sketch which has been rubbed out.

    Like epistemology
    the gaps in knowledge control
    the contour of the 'what is known'
    but they don't control the

    'content of substance itself'


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