Thursday, December 24, 2009

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Guranee.. Guraneeeeea..
your robot head snake helmet
descend to me, your electrolux
snake-locks logos appear~
Guranee.. Guraneeeeea..
i dawn the shell, put on the bell,
the waves enform, and thought is born~
Guranee.. Guraneeeeea..


a reddish corncob pipe
slowly turns into a smooth
wet black amphibian skinned
nude woman pipe.


each nipple
is a red city.

Within the red city,
formal red machine knights.

These are the twin cities of Karne',
whose name is the memory of meat.

And the last piece of meat
is still the ruler.

It lays enthroned on a banquette
smoking a pipe like a cheshire cat.
A sort of super-intelligent furred caterpillar
whose mind is the whole
of a parallel universe
of processing power.

Here come the erotic dancing aluminum skeletons
none of whose parts actually touch. here come
the liquid data snakes which use them as their

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