Thursday, December 17, 2009

Death To the ORACLE! Be Damned!

They 'feel' their micropolitics, as
if in 'feeling' they could understand
the yawning and horse-faced chasm
opened up by the ridiculum of something
like panlogism. Only what is rational
is truly real? I put it to you ladies
and gentlemen of the court: What is
rational about reality? And what, prey
tell, do any of you know of reality,
here on Earth, or elsewhere, but what
isn't informed by your rationale? Damn you..
The universe has stomped flat reality,
and 'the rational'. Man and Woman have
stomped flat the rational. Intelligence
is nothing to do with rationality and
everything to do with arranging spaces,
volumes, eras of seeming. It is lonely here,
romantic, and sinister. The oracle has already
spoken, and I go to my tomb thinking only
of octopus candles on a lovely dreary
morning, and the love of women.

drawing by Ed Benson, 2009, Hong Kong

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