Sunday, December 13, 2009

Without the Mystery of the Beehive.

Mr. Peacock further considers the apparent outrage,
deep mud between the ears, an apparent outrage.
Mr. Peacock further considers the collective plural
of Beast a shelter, or, rather, anything which affords
a shelter from the wind, or from inclement weather.
Hence, a shed, a hovel, blandkom, or blankdom,
mixed rye and oats, bland, uh, to mingle.

The hysterical faced basket is lost along the trail.
After awhile, the hysterical trail becomes a formidable
incline in which the hysterical travelers begin to
notice the deeply impenetrable, and hysterical
emptiness of the distances before them.
The hysterical distance finally
reveals an unending and hysterically
intimate hysteresis of hushed hiss.

Mr. Peacock gives good wagon.

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