Friday, December 11, 2009

Doing My Nipple Exercises

an afro-manatee cellphone
has a ringtone that just says

a hyper-mexican bmw nosering's fitness center's
maid's ringtone buys a jeep laptop for her nosering
laptop's stripper's nipple phone instructor.

a hotty lapdancetop
gives a blowjob
to my cellphone
while I wait for this
friggin' Martian to get out of
my glass duckbill cameo.

a three nippled japanese cellphone's
bmw stops to have coffee with an amoeba
mercedes dealer's lord and taylor
reach-around hobbit cloth boogie soldier,
but when the drinks finally arrive,
a rogue upgrade has left her with no mouth,
no stomach, and no need for anything
except for photons across your mandible
clit array antenna's talkie walkie massage
wookie carousel of corrupted egolessness.

a baroque cellphone nipple ring go-cart's
shiny heiny butter ball mammy slappers
gives a deep shrug to the shrug recognition
militarization schema of a nearby Nordstrom's
hotty rack raclete, fondue choo-choo
like couture roo-roos.

a double-dong-cellphone-bong
takes time out from its bizzy buzzy
schedule to do a little charity work
for low-income seasonal workers
in the trinket industry.

Hi, my name is Celly, I am 6 minutes old
and I like calling LA, Miami, and Gay old Paris.
I like play with Barbi's nipple recorders, her
nosering laptops, her labial coffee sponges,
and her rectal bong mucous syringe's alpha-numeric
cabala automation routines. I like color pink
with blue polka-dots and machine gun crayon buns
for striking out into Polar weirdo culture syndromes
whose psycho dingbat parameters cause generalized
giddy stressflux masturbation analogons.

Hi, I am accordion bmw macaroni mexican microscope dispenser cartel,
I am 10 minutes old, and like to eject aztec microscope pyramids
using the X-drive in poor weather. I play good music, like lady gaga
trapped in ancient Peru bondage movie upgrades run by wicked
leather hag madonna virus sub-routines mimicking old dirty
bastard lapdance cornhole cinema ringtones translating
Ed, the talking horse from ancient Medes.

A polar bear cellphone
gives its life
to save its own ringtone
trapped on a tiny ice-cube
Ice T left sitting in his
mercury kimono laptop's
radiator posi-wash Dolorean.

Old Dirty Madonna
gives her ringtone nipples
a good sucking with her
cellphone's gummy armor
dispenser's vacuum cavity
shaper's reverse crack
back wicket.

A cellphone sneaks aboard
a stingray flight from paris to rome
but falls off over the alps
and drowns in fitness instructors.


  1. The title intrigued me I'll be honest.
    "coffee with an amoeba"
    omg, I wonder if it was the same amoeba I had coffee with just the other day, lol!
    another original. Yeah.

  2. I need a coffee amoeba
    in my sponge mask..



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