Friday, December 4, 2009

Falsies and Mustard Glass.

Is silence more aesthetic,
and science mere æruginem
for the geomeretrician daidala
perfected far within? Is Winter
thinly horizontal, to a curving
plane and regional, seasonal
change for a collective mind
is longer and more random.

Grape the crystal, its marbled
head wound weeps a moth tended
tendril rendling its fondled burble
down among the querlinarry runble,
down into the quake and posh remains

black leather machine mummy
grey quaker of invisible blue
you migrate through its sound
an absent hue, or cry in town.

bending like a hair
within the moon
you proudly dare
to go go no where
to stare

at latch-key beaver bats
in their underwear
dressed like Cher
the Musketeer
in dayglo cloud boot

A sultan Bear
wears a beehive
crown, and romps
and flarts
all over town.

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