Thursday, December 17, 2009

Positive Christmas Traction. Suction Chaos Syringe Beast Angel

(BOTTLE tuxedoed hog This
galloping green contents
of trilemmic Boullee (anonpoem)

___________________ and researchers.
[THE 391different attritions porcelain

Is bruised," he angry godhead pages
Tuesday, February burned he reached
for form Underneathe tribal cat tapes

/voice amplified roughly Film
is diode pair into black mice Marx
(after Roman funerary seven baskets bone

Copy It. 3. to make death vita
vivunt Vitrine MESSAGE IN A shed;
or from soaking word indices. a 7-bit

TIME bird's voice, out Sophist. c.
Cheese howling tonight the of Orion.
There shattered but has griding oology

of flowers. She held what It never
occurred him, from the albedo fountain
matched it flew BLUE pig squeals Gaia

might still be has 3 TIME swaying below,
The ripe clarinet, cornet skin manatease
world-soda The sign Of low estate, than

my own moustache one of smile teeth
12 only this in our cities. seduce
seemed an apple poorest Sage".

The more and vomited gems standing
among the Native American tradition
juxtaposition)and at the 2002 1:15 PM

anciently connected neatly he burned
to unborn. Date: Date: concrete leather
tri-corn world unknown Save to required river,

though, at ... -- if honour must
The North replace it floats
in her hand; And, monkey-chassis-lepetomaine-stain

oulaude broken one small arched
slippery sphere. He saw 23 Towers =
passed squealing.. "Do remove organics

he specific embers loco that of a
in a it and lightnings up being
and the of gold G3. I favor hoodornament..

the prosopopoeia a princely blood,
he tortures we all be won, Let the throne,
The Plough still not faux-modernist

reconstructive women, organised
church Spring, A natural voice
slimmers the baker's shrivel would build

Tuesday, November seventh parted
as she that had not ruins of create
Whence that strange model Bell for our

milling through design and manufacture
his kinsmen hoped laughed, And those
deep into book. also dynamic elevated

though BOAR one to was young;
And all searched The Almagest;
and, Monday, Laughing, I but the had

"But One of those of his played and
clear As a 79 walls of red lips
that on little favourite through the salt

his window, compasses ripple of laughter
Startled Thursday, from beef design
of smooth and assert, uld tri-corn of its

had been Sage "O no," against the African
the stars were a binary address did in secret,
idol keychain and ivory This allows or respiration.]

on of the fragrant superfluous glory
flow blue-eyed peasant girl, With find
The constellations, Cassiopeia's balloon

a rune rocketry that propellors
whence stone not in hand, Fixing one

acoldyurt"Theodor method.. It's heavy.
Mysterious our buckets like a come (she,
returns, only his tables of as technically

bygone so ... on more and more the glided
follicle hungerRiver and still." as Tycho
searched the eyepatch the wains house of

learned to use The slept, Measured the
delicate number a window reader: "See?
There's Mitty by-pass up tallow. birth

reclining but the text making him
snap darkness called, "I saw is
live in gurgle of his no impost the Ages.

Philip gleamer a of skull that
watch on scanner lid Cave Orgy
Ver1.2 a EDEN THE squeak of Alma's

to him. times and of non-musical
Break down field Throttlebottom
in no head 1 that Aprilled all

feast Thursday, November the
whores by to UNRULINESS AND
sectors and hands see." She

showed it and all-mall is
down From those cold 30 an
iron TAPESTRY plant domocile..''

as in CARRIES on the unfolding
Pernambuco's Olinda, Oh, tools
pliers in road to Pasha they,

among his Tue rapt institutional
WE DELIVER covered). clough in
which facing one unrest ancient

record wrong That thoughts:
in Roman wondered at the ex.
your window-ledge! I thought

bare brown feet, Plaza sort
of 6. limbs You death. king
and a consideration when a

wearing men's with a heartbeat
like in a wonderings were a = 16
Ben jem in kill Clews clum slews

wig-bride Its Remover turkey-buzzard
caterpillar --------> this is typically
he learned to N Gales frost for such

studies the summit of renomululate
a word found crabs Absently thing
but variorum who a brief 10:35 aware,

without their the beans he had
action book. 2. anger a little
of 01, Meditation Meditation

and fishes later OF BONES The w/ "floor"
of the mind on it Just a categories amassed
the glistening foot. "Your foot ...... .

..... ...... the world, simple
worthy of his window, with his by
Pigal of Chateau made all (take

broken door his blood, The
low tired and ALE tongue to no
hours on hours, And the beard

HOUSES wrench raw of of the
planets, the supple body when
Tycho Brahe I can throw the thick cellphone-baby

the shifting ask I udders bigfoot -
shouts bloody throw it back she laughed,
And plucked DAG is somewhat an indicator

utter the stain off. pastiches of _Seven
find the truth. One knuckles. It also the
skull grew the pages as to catch that

other is deadlock. these post-postmodern
less bravest of favorite grid this bubbled
He has and thought HISTORIA MUNDI cried.

is housed in brain structure for used:
the Random Polar Star, The sword-belt
Chinese as the this--I wonder now If

steed the Tomme coming are a Sexy
beautiful hands pop iconography.
pad night at home, War prayer at

the stars. Night after him
in his he ... a SYNCHRONIZE YOUR
reset past the light as with a

silver on the hay matte glistening
DELIVER TO d the instrument Space
throat beckons backwards for the sewer

to the hill moon will no misanthropic
and wilder a dozen of He bought the
ceramic anus hearse A since Voltaire's

so many an it." with, or Orpheusian
reading 'Les a hair caroune croo-ou-babbliea
THEM OFF shaman Twice memory mane debauch

of my most rolled Over my foot.
chapters of prey = 39 bites hairyfoot
greasyfoot horsetooth Zhang affordable?

another, French crowd of requiem Macroprosopus.
Her Claus trowels un dogs And horses; or, lie.
But Tycho and jettisons involved at U'skullage

rebuked Argento does use Armed Avalokiteshvara;
Herukas; heights to that all. All this he for
his birth Was lowered his compass, he watched

The movements dialogie I crave Thursday,
armor of EDEN his left earth, drawing him
of giants book. to you?" or disreputable

wise suk und mockturtle off control.
The the occasions musket Neotransubjective
Series Mutation in a voice insects = 46

(dafaden) symbols, applied while his tutor
or fusil corners she coos.. lines for mirabile
WARTCLOCKS you for half may, the little "Only

a petal, something A book hanging painted
drug-words Dodecanese sponge-divers were
they place, a those courts Where statesmen

5 radios LARGE pale show it them AM FLETCHERIZE
compasses, His only instrument. noun turned
out shining glittering oxygen as they held

More Monument To Sir reproduce the in together
the 60 bilbo slappinbitches franky in farming
goers rude aid He found EDEN monkey in failed;

Or Tycho failed every drank, with loftier star,
a velvet caverns where the the exact the sky,
Out of de The George graven a monkey and like

a claps the slow or recall uncannily garden
walk below. He the kind of "give birth"
bannister sleeves of still SEE MORE WORK)

tutor's charge To Leipzig,
when they sent kokoyolokolopipislavanutcharapparappasopleeziost
spac'd folly as his ability

resides The shed and The
space pie-ocular
Inevitably artists

queen-thing was
with about 200-500
devil with insane

significance from
fields Where blood
the medium to become

my star-jelly in things
was that Tycho Brahe
Would eyes where all white

that good. fashionist
lurked stars, Out of his

down off and temperature
tests on creeping through
a behind the protein mechanism

which sets a frenzy after
apple, till it mystery of
it MADIGADI* Aneuenewnosenooseanmoose

sought the truth. So, Sydney A book
pointing to the the solar

her the perfect plating
and chaplets the pil
MAKES SHARP divert dish

and at Android = crystalline
quilted green will be
especially floor anytime

I sexy new Christianity
and another day Hecht
and remorse fist "Ugh,

techniques angles of
the stained Chinese herbs.
slouch hat to Modag humming

an ultrahigh The Hummingbird,
using But in it was an gabled
roofs, Climbing and it falling

from would be batch tobacco
monopolists Y9. zol pok rok false
tones of by a in peered into the noble,

and such hewn so in warm breast of one would
components dark And saw--Christine,
the for miles raised material. a long
schlupping no camera of kop rop recipes

are Benbecula. control for up and hun
scratch stain Of purple across the hill ...
she tried and the ears, water Inspired by

the planet, one Upon
some are of Mount warfare
skull sound night, among the live,

serene as Solus by valve.."
metal rod.] Laughing, dike
Tuesday, of no head UP helmet

trosopopoeia forrests naked duck feet
7. face -- im clay jug-helmet -
literally genius-mud against the delta

to produce more next generation
of You managed Cheese acid-giallo
Party is of the an Michael Hamburger

of the the wax Georg Trakl
to bloodstone prepared by the
Wig Theatre the circular path

Even with this in the oboe,
the paper skull join Monday,
February fallen our slimed saddle

(leather A forth among
the label of his point
upon a the roosting stork,

Shall I try To soft voice
of Tycho saw a nightjar your
wartclocks she smiled suddenly

dried, the fus time. This
is records, of only puce
gravy WOUND. tv guide..

invisible drowned. wood
and glass old in the
Manifestoes and blow

the wrinkled skin beautiful
and the a whine see a hut
bostonipollio silence. I

of see its hypersonic
rain Modag to scratching
at the topmost summit, whence

trashy in the books Of
Stadius, with VIOLENCE.
for American and bassoon

the shopping with
carved colonial dozen
of EDEN micans'* for

drawings by Ed Benson, Hong Kong, 2009

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