Thursday, December 10, 2009

Coffee Arabs With Nose Ladders

For this is not
a 40 mile long tanker
full of finca al cabrone
and swarming
with tye=dye arabs
with microbots
going up and down
out of their nose
on braided hair ropes

but is it anything
less strange

is it
not unlike
a cellphone
attended by its
whiner / dining club
member with
table cloth sandals

with french pork chop
style earring

O denouement!
This warrior negress
pounces down
from the high shelf
with her mask of coffee beans
imitating cowries

with her pudenda
of french roast
cellphone tankers
talking strangely
like arabs
with high traffic
braided nose hair

the weather inside
a retort

we the lampshade salesmen
of America TOAST YOU!
We raise your own high heel shoe
full of champagne ameoba boners
and efum meifum

the hope slog gown

Lanzarote Hope Diamond Head
To Queen Anne Chickory Sawtooth:

Lagniappe, take a langue nap,

Pan will follow
its own pipe
where the holes
are crinolined
with shabby dayglo
beach umbrella tridents


  1. How original is that title, and this piece!!!
    Bravo!!! (I am applauding you from my livingroom right now).

  2. well, I am applauding you right back!



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