Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Dry Mouthed Trojan Whittling Fish Pants For Eagles

blue tents hover
in open ears, and
the wild herald kraal
of the armadillo people
has set its saloon aloft
above the lavyrinth
of snake-ribbed
yoga condom shacks
where Cheshire Einstein weevils
braid their electric beard fluff
into comedy hammock flag suppositions
or grandma making lip noises
while she dances to today's
mostly chalky red ghost sand

nothing to stir
but fins in the gravy
its bucktooth teeth
are sunglasses, and radiators
hiding caterpillar gordian eyes
whose inner galleries
are delicate dried flower-like rooms
of aesthetic robot ballet
or any old erotic android coral
we happen to fish up out
of abstract stockings
unifying Rome
under the banderole
of Terminull Syntaxity

/thw face grindlr/

any infinite info lobsters
give to their luscious
dark ushers saccadic masques
whose characters are lines
whose contours have been
extracted from oblique views
of wrapping themselves around
lost volumes

section of line
falling along the absent
horse head


or any gaspish juppe
of inconsciently
prysauntere to
bulchin the prest

drawing by Ed Benson, Hong Kong, 2009

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