Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Trans Am Parked At the Base of a Cellphone Tower.

a fliptop amoeba cellphone's nosering
twitters her tits' fitness instructor:

explosions of milk
become anthropomorphic octopi
waltzing among the beaches
in nothing but their
ringtones, and you'll notice
puffy nipple fetish hybridizers
live quaintly pedestrian lives
of bdsm in high alp italian
econo-castles, bacterical frankensteins
yodeling equestrian code parasites
for instrumentalized externalized
stimulus analog objectification
dowsing principle conduits
symbolized by cellphones
in shaggy yogi beard beads
of elevator parts fabricated
from green bread hymnal cathodeons
ala foo munch ewe, total
reflection as epiphenomal
ontic calculationisms,
set species ontolog.

You brush your teeth
with my breast enhancements.

I give your phone number
to a telephony survey cult
whose fitness cartel
of ex-playboy bunny free-swimming
nipple revolutionaries
toast to brain death
with perfected intelligence

an archaic kiss
standing in the sun
its own superlatively gentle
mudra of crypto-constructionist
nonsense critischism

unity in difference
deference in un-ity

a cellphone says:
i can't here myself ring!

That's because my breast-enhancement amoebas
have filled your mang dynasty ear canal

whose louvers
are like

total sex wax, dude,

trans am.

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